Sexy, Super-Extra HOT Photos of Women in Stockings

sexy hot photos of women in stockings lingerie
sexy hot photos of women in stockings lingerie
sexy hot photos of women in stockings lingerie stocking tease
Okay, the title of this blog post isn't the most creative in the world, but my brain is pure mush, having spent the last hour or so perusing COED magazine's 49 Sexy Stocking Stunners.

As they put it:

There’s just something about how this ingenious garment looks on the legs that can make a man lose his damn mind. So to push you one step closer to the loony bin, we’ve put together this tribute to stockings that’s so hot, you might have to take a break to get all the way through.

I thought that being a straight woman, I didn't have to take a break, but apparently these photos are SO HOT that they can also damage the brain function of a female stocking junkie. There's a bit more airbrushing than I care for in some of the shots, but many are just incredibly sexy and I highly recommend hoofing it over to take a look at this collection. Not only are there 49 sexy women in stockings in the article, but each photo links back to a separate gallery (many with somewhat NSFW images or ads, so be forewarned) with many more images of these models often from the same photoshoot. So, I probably just spent the last hour looking at something like 250 photos of incredibly gorgeous women in spectacular hosiery. The things I do for all of you, it's amazing I'm still alive, quite frankly.

Want to see me in stockings? Please visit Stocking Vixen on Clippette. You'll get a warm fuzzy feeling, plus some sexy stuff!


  1. The StockingVixen fan club is so grateful for the many sacrifices you make for us

  2. As a Youngster growing up in the 60s, I always looked forward to my mum's weekly coffee mornings. I was about 13 and ma would have 3 or 4 of her friends round. 1 in particular i'll never forget - she had the classic look of the time; beehive, mascara, pale lipstick. This lovely woman would sit there withher skirt raised (legs crossed) revealing plenty of thigh and hint of suspender, the dark stocking top complementing the soft pale flesh of her thigh. She teased me, knowing i was getting a good look saying like "you a good looking lad, I bet all the girls want to date you etc". I fantasise her to this day ( I like older women too!) and just the name "stockings" sends me wild!


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