Goddess in Stockings

This image is so beautiful it actually made me gasp when I first saw it on one of my new favorite Tumblr blogs, Negrita Bonita. It comes originally from Maverick Photography and there are just some gorgeous photos worth perusing over at that site, period.


Nylon Fetish Photo Perfection?

(click to enlarge)

The nylon fetish high points: 100% nylon fully-fashioned stockings with visible wrinkles, backseamed with cuban heel, blackfoot reinforced heel and toe with sole of foot and toes visible. To top it off, her bottom is perfect. Sometimes life is fair to the fetishists of the world.

This shot is from the very sexy site, Babe in Nylons, which is a pay site, but has sixteen shots of this model in these stockings free of charge at the link I've provided, so it's worth heading over for those photos. All are nudity free. I think these stox are probably the Eleganti Blackfoot Contrast Cuban Heel fully fashioned stockings available at Stockings HQ for about £19.

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James Lillis is Insane and Will Rule the Hosiery World

The concept is fairly simple, you take the suspender + stockings style and crank it up, so you are using leggings material (my beloved black wet look) and really strong suspender buckles.

The suspenders are at the back as well.

Costiness: US$99

Available at the Black Milk shop.


First Kiss

First Kiss, originally uploaded by Vorpal Images.

Congratulations to Solanah and Sam who got married yesterday. Solanah writes a wonderful photo-stuffed blog on vintage clothing called Vixen Vintage that's one of my favorite regular reads.

Does Sam look like he's thrilled to kiss her or what? Adorable. Good luck, you two!



Evil Crocs I Rebuke Thee

Someone brought a pair of Crocs into my house. I must cleanse my system by posting photos of beautiful shoes and imagining that these are the only shoes a grown woman would ever considering wearing. It is the only thing that will cure me of my shuddering, though it is an extreme measure.




I'd love to say that I'm posting this image just to prove that fishnet gloves are not just for strippers to my friend, G who threatened to put the smackdown on me if I didn't stop with the crazy talk about fishnet gloves being kind of pretty, but that wouldn't be true. Also, she really would put the smackdown on me and I'm not into pain.

Some of you may have noticed that I've been posting with far less frequency on Stocking Vixen over the last month and that my posts have been shorter than in the past. It is not because I have lost my passion for nylon, or even for writing about it, but because I have been hard at work on a new project that is drawing a tremendous amount of my time and focus. Will I be back, full force when it's time to share? Yes I will. Can I tell you what it is yet? No I can't, hence the fishnet shh. What I am working on is Top Secret (and Top Awesome). I hope you will feel it is worth waiting, but until then, I ask for your patience and understanding as my posting will be lighter for the next couple of months.

I'm not going anywhere, though!



Tactical Nuke: Topless Lily Allen

A certain someone has accused me of lagging in our Lily Allen war, going so far as to say perhaps I was off eating bon bons. But no, I have just been stealthily planning my next attack.

Okay, not really. I am working on a major project and have had a hard time keeping up with my blogging in the meantime. Fortunately, I have been in possession of a tactical nuclear missile for some time and am now aiming it toward Nick Danger's naughty bits fully loaded with:


I don't often post nudity on Stocking Vixen unless it's for artistic reasons and this doesn't seem to fit that criteria, so I have created some highly attractive faux green pasties in my paint program to torture Mr. Danger with thoughts of what is directly below them. Luckily I have his email address and can deliver the nuke with authority directly to his home.


Speechless Over Socks?

Marion Cotillard socks

Yeah, I kind of am. Marion Cotillard's socks are making me sick with The Lust. Especially since I'm imagining those gee-gaws are mildly colorful. (from reminiscing)

It really does lead me to wonder whether my frenemy (currently) has ever considered being obsessed with Ms. Cotillard.

Oh yes, I did go there. War is hell.

More Lily volleys after my nap.


Dance of Victory?

Other than this rather ominous and confident tweet issued early this morning, things have been eerily quiet from my friend Nick Danger today. Could Lily's panther dance below mark my victory, or is the silence from Boston just the quiet before the storm?

I still have a great deal in my arsenal, so am not too worried. I'm not naive enough to think Mr. Danger is going to take this lying down and expect a stealth attack at any moment.

Until then, however, let there be panther dancing!

Revenge, Thy Name is Lily Allen

A friend of mine, who shall remain anonymous, has a rather serious problem around the admiration of Lily Allen's legs, and he has shown he will go to desperate lengths to get his LilyFix™.

Having issues of my own around nylon and legs, I respect a person with a healthy fixation and would never dream of interfering in or provoking something of that nature. UNTIL!! Until, he broke our unspoken truce and began blogging videos that tap into a particular tingly-spot for me: the kissing of nyloned legs. For unknown reasons, just thinking about it makes me shiver and I love watching it, as well, and he KNEW IT and he preyed upon me in my state of purity and innocence...

So, this is war, Nick Danger! I am in possession of no fewer than 21 high-quality Lily Allen leg photographs, as well as the URL for an excellent Lily image site. Perhaps I will reveal them all today, or perhaps I will make you wait. This is for me to know and all of my readers to watch and enjoy.

In cyberspace no one can hear you scream.


Happy Birthday, Treacle!

Today is my friend and fellow blogger, Treacle's birthday, and having recently moved across the country, she's away from her family and friends today, so please be sure to take a trip over to Stockings Addict today to help make her day special and happy. She writes one of the best lingerie and hosiery blogs on earth, so it will be a gift you're giving yourself, as well.

Happy birthday, Treacle! Hope your day is very special.

(Thanks to the YuckyTuna blog where I found this image to doctor).


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