Justin Timberlake Parody of Single Ladies & Beyonce in Ballet Boots

I don't actually think the Justin Timberlake portion of the video is particularly funny, except I do enjoy stupid dancing every now and again. However, I can certainly get behind the sheer amount of hosiery and heels on display in this video, especially during the cross cuts between the parody and the actual video for Beyonce's Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It).

Beyonce videos are usually very good for some glimpses of hosiery and one fantastic video for that is Green Light, which, really she should be given a medal for having made. (The Golden Leg?) It is a parade of gorgeous hosiery along with some beautiful outfits. Beyonce in a garter belt and latex stockings set my stocking button a-tingle. I was just awash in heels, pantyhose and stockings. She and her dancers wear ballet boots in one sequence and they look amazing on their legs, if incredibly torturous. I've watched video in the past of women on You Tube trying to walk in ballet boots and I find it amazing how well Beyonce and her back up dancers do with them.

As a general precaution, I believe you should probably sit down before you peruse this post. It may cause palpitations or dizziness and Stocking Vixen and her subsidiaries (aka my beagle, Poppy) are not responsible for anyone who falls and hits his or her head while viewing these videos.

Beyonce was on my mind today because Thierry Mugler released some drawings of the costumes he designed for her world tour which starts tonight with a show in Edmonton. It's no surprise that her glorious legs are on display. Since the show kicks off tonight, I'll wait until tomorrow to see if I can find actual photographs of the show rather than post the drawings here.


  1. You dig deeper in to this more than anyone I know. I find myself spending hours looking for good celebrity shots of nylons and stocking on celebrities. It's very time consuming, but if you find a couple good shots it makes it all worth while. Why can't celebrity photographers care just a little bit about a womans lower half? and mention that she is wearing tights in the picture so that we can find the dang things.well, thanks again for doing all the searching. Great blog!

  2. Thanks Ochose. I LOVE the name of your blog. I can't wait to see what you put in it.

    Have you seen this wonderful website? Or is it yours, maybe?

    I do know what you mean about the magic of finding a great shot. It does make it worth it and eventually you build up a collection, but it IS frustrating that so many shots are knees up and I'll find myself thinking, "AAARGH!" often.

    Thanks so much for your kind words. :-)


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