50 Sexy Nylon Photos to Say Thank You - Part Four

Here are some more great big, super-sexy stocking photos to say thanks for reading Stocking Vixen over the last few months. I've included a few shots from a great blog, that Eric at Nylon Dreams discovered, as well as three photos of the extremely sexy Asia DeVinyl. She is one yummy piece of pinup. Thanks again to Jack for the shots he sent me, especially the naughty red fishnets. I love that shot.

I've lost track of how many photos this is, but I don't care. Let the sexiness continue!!


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Thanks a bunch xo!


Run, Don't Walk to StockingsHQ, This is a Serious Mega-Sale

Spick Magazine Complete Issue, June 1967, No 163

Spick Magazine
Span magazine

Spick Magazine was one of the most successful British pin up magazine of the 60's, and a few weeks ago, a very sweet Stocking Vixen reader, Gerard in the Netherlands gave us some scans he had made from his collection so we could all enjoy some of the photos in his collection. He has since gone even further in his generosity and taken the time to scan the entire June, 1967 issue of Spick and provide it to me. It is so incredibly delightful I had to find a way to share it all with you, so have embedded it as a pdf/flash movie above. It won't work in some mobile browsers, which is why I've also included the two photos above, but the entire magazine is available for reading for anyone who clicks on the third image or on this link.

I have really been enjoying reading this magazine and having a chance to view the perspective of leg-lovers in the late 60's. I suspect most people reading it will find something to enjoy, whether vintage clothing lovers, or students of the leg. There's a great letter on page 20 from J. McCartney in Toronto who says, in part, "I am beginning to like very much the features you run on the mini-skirted girls of your country. I think they confirm all that we read and hear about the swinging scene over there and I only wish I could have a five-year holiday and spend it all with you." It stands in charming contrast to what many count as titillating today.

Once again, Gerard, I can't thank you enough, for this or the other magazines you have given me.

Black Latex Stockings Make You Feel Like a Superhero

Black latex stockings, black high heels, black latex gloves, black latex dress, the beautiful Dante Posh wearing them all... I love the way she makes the latex look so completely sexy, while at the same time like normal, everyday clothing. Whether it's because she's so comfortable in her own beauty, or because I've grown so used to looking at these images, I don't know, but I do know my lust for latex is growing.


Knee Socks on a Redhead With Too Much on Her Mind

Striped Knee Socks on a Redhead

I love knee socks, especially striped knee socks and especially, especially, super-especially pink and white striped knee socks. This last week, I've been feeling a bit like this red haired beauty in this photo by Bruno Dayan, all dressed up for the tea party, but just a little too overloaded to play properly.

I am taking a vacation next week and am sure I will come back fully recharged. Until then and the return of my higher faculties, I will continue to shower my readers with sexy ladies in spectacular hosiery and hope a riot doesn't ensue.

(Thanks to Jack for this one, too. Some of you boys have such an eye!)


Hip Bones and Garter Belt

black garter belt fishnets sexy photo

New posts at Nylon Dreams and Eric has outdone himself with the last few. This photo is sublime, but he has posted even more sexy shots, as well as some beautifully written prose and poetry to accompany them. Nylon Dreams is rapidly become one of my absolute favorite stops online. Head over and I guarantee you'll be happy you did.


Stockings and Suspender Belts - Liv Tyler

I still owe my readers 30 more sexy stockings and suspender belts photos to say thank you for all the visits you have paid to Stocking Vixen, but the last few days have been a little busier than I imagined. I'm sending Liv Tyler in her suspender belt to hold down the fort until I can post the rest of her sexy friends.

So make that 29 sexy photos I owe my lovely readers. I think this one is so sexy that it might count extra. Thanks to Jack, for sending it to me.


Stocking Vixen Interviewed

Recently I had the privilege of being interviewed by the nice people at Club Double D as part of their "Six Questions" feature. You can take a perusal if you'd like to read the story of how I almost lost my panties at the supermarket.

In other news of me rambling around the Internet without a leash, my dear blogging friend Treacle is in the middle of a move to Seattle and has invited several of her fellow stocking-lovers, including me, to guest blog at Stockings Addict this week. I posted about my favorite garter belt (which is now on sale, btw, and a great buy) and another post about the five most important things I've learned from reading Stockings Addict. It's a very well-written, informative blog and I truly have picked up some very useful tidbits over there. I feel very confident that anyone who enjoys reading Stocking Vixen would really like Treacle's blog, as well, so please hop on over and say hi.

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50 Sexy Nylon Pantyhose and Stockings Photos to Celebrate 10,000 Visitors - Part Two

Continuing to say thank you to all of the people who have supported this blog in its first couple of months, I'm posting Part Two of what will eventually be 50 great big sexy pantyhose, stocking and other hosiery photos.

Part One is here.

Special thanks to Eric of Nylon Dreams, who suggested some of these shots and turned me on to Pin Up Post and Girdlebound where I found a few of the others. Thanks a pile, E!

Two Girls, Four Legs
Sexy Plus-sized Pinup Girl

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50 Sexy Nylon Stockings and Pantyhose Photos to Celebrate 10,000 Visitors - Part One

Some time this weekend, Stocking Vixen received its 10,000th visit, so to say thank you to all of the people who have supported this blog in its first couple of months, this week I will be posting 50 pieces of my favorite sexy nylon stockings, pantyhose, fishnet and hosiery-of-all-types photography in JUMBOTRONIC format. I'll write a little more later, but for now, enjoy, and thanks a million for coming to see me, everyone.

This is Part One. More posts will follow during the week.

February 2011 *Edited to add that Photobucket deleted all of the photos that originally went with this post for being "pornographic". Stockings are not pornographic. They're lingerie! I have replaced the original pics with different images below. However, if you read the comments to this post, they refer to the original photos I shared here

Want to see me in stockings? Please visit Stocking Vixen on Clippette. You'll get a warm fuzzy feeling, plus some sexy stuff!

New Stockings Blog Alert!

Don't miss Nylon Dreams, a sexy new image-focused blog by Stocking Vixen friend, Eric in Ontario. Having personally seen more than 200 images from his personal collection, I feel confident in saying that he has an incredible eye and if you love nylon you must get over there and will be sure to want to make Nylon Dreams a daily stop on your cyber rounds.

Welcome to the blogosphere, Eric. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your photos!

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Leyla Rose Burlesque Performance

A few weeks ago, when I was still doing Stockings of the Day, I posted a photo of a stunningly beautiful curvy, pin-up girl whose name I didn't know, but whose image has really stuck with me. I was thrilled this morning to learn that her name is Leyla B Rose and she's my new girl crush.

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Peeps in Black Boots

Happy Easter!

Tulips on the Mound

Appropriate (and by appropriate, I mean what matches your tastes) grooming can be an important part of wearing lingerie and choosing the right tool for the job can be a bit hit-and-miss. This U.K. Commercial for the Wilkinson Sword Quattro for Women with the slogan "Mow the Lawn," really makes me want to hand over my lifetime ladyparts grooming budget to them right now.

As per usual, the US version of the commercial (Schick Quattro Trimstyle in the US) isn't nearly as much fun.

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Blue Lingerie

blue lace slip
blue ribbed tights"Why don't they make more blue lingerie?" Eric asked me.

I don't know.

Do you?

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Ballet Socks - Girly Heaven of Ribbons and Lace

ballet sockMy friend Nick Danger over at Fool For Your Stockings wrote today about his long-running curiosity about what Stevie Nicks might have been wearing all these years under her long, flowing skirts and boots, and posted a link to Gypsy Moon, a store in Boston that specializes in soft, romantic, feminine clothing, very much like what Ms. Nicks has worn all these years. If you like Steampunk or Edwardian-styles, or petticoats, then hustle your bustle on over to that site, because you may never need to find another place to shop again. The selection is excellent for that type of thing.

footless socksWhile their hosiery selection isn't extensive, I did find a couple of interesting things. The pair of footless over-the-knee stockings, above which they say are meant to be worn over tights or against your skin. I'd consider buying a pair if they weren't charging a fairly nutty $48/pair. I am, however, not above cutting the feet and thighs off an existing pair of tights to find out what happens. As, I've said in this blog before, the fabric doesn't run when you cut across a pair of tights, so there's no reason not to experiment before shelling out.

lace ballet socksThese ballet socks by Delphine Murat really set my stocking button a-tingle. I must have these on my feet this spring. However, once again, they are charging $48 a pair. When the construction is basically a shoe liner like this one by Hue, that sells for $5 at Amazon (and I bought some at Macys the other day for 3/$12) and a yard or so of ribbon it is, once again, a little tough for me to justify the expense. The ribbon could easily be hand-sewn onto the liner in about five minutes. Using Stitch Witchery or some similar product, it would take even less time. I think I will definitely try to make myself a few pairs of these and see how tough it is. I'm betting it's not even close to fifty bucks worth of tough.

If you like lacy or girly thing, the store is definitely worth checking out, even if only to gain inspiration. They have a large selection of some fairly unique things and the site, itself is very well-designed. Thanks for the tip, Nick!

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