How to Wear a Garter Belt

I ran into this very basic garter-belt-wearing instructional video last month on Fool For Your Stockings a very simple and fun celebration of one man's obsession with stockings. He mixes photos of real women (including me, once) with those of celebrities (who I suppose are, technically, real women, too) and includes other media when appropriate. I enjoy his collection of tutorials, which include how to walk in stilettos, and how to put on black fully-fashioned nylons, which involves a lot more bending over to show your heiny to the camera and caressing of thighs than I had realized, no wonder I have issues with wrinkling!

The site is discreet, but as I have yet to look at every single page. I would suggest that if you are concerned at all, clicking through on the links above may be safer at home than at work.


  1. Very nice video. Looks like he had a good birthday.


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