Beautiful Britons, Spick and Span

Beautiful Britons, Spick and Span were wonderful pinup magazines published in Britain after WWII through the 1970’s. One of the best things about keeping my blog is having the chance to get to know some of the loveliest, most generous people I can ever remember meeting. One of them is a reader, Gerard, who offered to share with me scans from a personal collection of Spick, Span and Beautiful Britons he has saved since the 1960’s when he was a “naughty boy” between the ages of 16 and 24.

Spick actually began publication around the same time as Playboy in the United States. They were extraordinarily successful magazines and much-beloved for their photos of pretty girls in lingerie and nylon stockings. As time went on, the publisher’s commitment to not publish photos depicting full-frontal nudity lead to a declining readership, as they couldn’t compete against the more explicit images emerging in reaction to changes in British censorship law. By 1976, Beautiful Britons, Spick and Span magazine had, unfortunately, ceased publication, though many collectors, like Gerard, make sure the images from the magazines live on.

spick magazine
span magazine

These three magazines, published by Town and Country Publications, or ToCo, were the most successful girly/pin-up magazines of their time in the United Kingdom, yet I found it stunningly difficult to find textual information online about Beautiful Britons, Spick or Span for this post. In some of the images preserved online, I was able to find some charming snippets of text which give a sense of the light-heartedness found inside.

Thank you, again, Gerard for generously sharing your photos with us and for giving me the opportunity to learn about Beautiful Britons, Spick and Span.

Since there is so little information online, I would be thrilled and grateful if people reading this who have fond memories of these magazines would post what they remember in the comments section. Really no detail is too small, because, although there are quite a few photos out there, there is a dearth of text about Beautiful Britons or Spick or Span, themselves.

(Since I first wrote this page, Gerard generously provided me with scans of an entire issue of Spick. He also sent me some magazines to scan and share with everyone. I would LOVE to get my hands on a copy of Beautiful Britons.)


  1. This makes me tempted to bring back the old leg fetish magazines of yesteryear.

  2. Treacle, how graphic is Leg Show? Why don't I subscribe to Leg Show? I am not a very good Vixen.

  3. You know, I really don't know. I would imagine it's more graphic now than it was in the past though...

  4. At first I thought you meant the gallery of spic and span images with the raunchy ads were ones in the magazine, and wondered why they were so NSFW. Then I checked the gallery and saw what you meant...definitely NSFW! The pictures are great though, wish I had more time right now to browse.

  5. Thanks Mark, I will clear the language up in the post a little bit because people might not believe me, otherwise.

  6. Wow Lisa,

    Great work. I am feeling like that naughty boy again.

    xxx Gerard

  7. Thanks Lisa...that's a great post!

  8. Dear Stocking Vixen,

    As a teenage boy I spent some of my hard earned pockeyt money on these lovely little mags and thought them to be very risque in the 60s!

    I believe there is a web site that sells hundreds of photos from these magazines from original negatives. this site is called nostalgia publications. You might find it useful to look that up.

    Good luck,

    Regards Charles

  9. Great stuff, brings back great memories of my teenage years - when all women still wore stockings pre-tights and pantyhose. Those were the days indeed, and may they return!

  10. great magazine and pics! I wish all magazines were classy like this...

  11. Don't you just love getting out of a car and exposing the tops of your stockings. I park by a major intersection and I always get a big hit from having to extricate myself from the drivers seat when there is a queue of traffic.

    I once went on a hunt for magazines from the seventies. One seller was desperate to know if I could source such magazines from elderly relatives as they are so sought after.

  12. Dear Miss AJ:
    I'd be happy to arrange a parking permit for you on my street if you're ever in Boston!

  13. Boy from the pastApril 5, 2009 at 9:49 AM

    These were wonderful magazines and yes at the time they were regarded as risque and used to be kept on the top shelf so to speak. I used to buy the odd one in my high school years in Canada and I very much enjoyed them. But the girls were made to appear very much "girl next door" and I remember one in particular who was said to be in the purser's department on a P&O ship when she was working. Whether this was made up I do not know but I would have loved to sail in that ship. I loved seeing the various kinds of stockings, different colours, different sheens, different patterns on the welts. It was also fun at school to "hang out" at the bottom of the stairs just in case one could get a glimpse of stocking top as the girls came down the stairs between classes - and often we were rewarded. These were wonderful little magazines, and while they seem quite innodent now, they were slightly risque then.

  14. Hi Vixen,

    I well remember those magazines. Used to have quite a few years ago. Long gone today though! :-(

    One of the pictures you posted (the over the shoulder one) is of a girl known as Joan Paul. She was my favourite. Thanks for posting that photo of her. It is one that I have not seen posted before. If you have any more of her, I would love to see them.

    Another website where photos from these magazines are posted is:



  15. I'm in my 60s but Spick and Span magazines still burn bright in my memory. In the mid-1950s both magazines were in constant circulation at school amongst us pubescent boys, their delightful content making a great impression on me since I have been a seamed stockings fan ever since. I don't think I ever saw a magazine more than once, such was the number circulating amongst us boys. Flicking through a magazine was done furtively in the playground but a longer, more pleasurable viewing would be done at home, careful not to be caught by your mother, taking the magazie back the following morning. Each magazine was 2 shillings or half a crown, well beyond my pocket money, and I assumed the magazines on circulation came from other boys' fathers.

  16. I have approximately 450 8 by 10 glossy photographs of Spick, Span, and Beautiful
    Britons models that were sold by Town and Country publications in the late 1960s, early 1970s. I am interested in making contact with
    other collectors who might be interesting in
    exchanging or otherwise sharing material.
    Robert Brankley

  17. when i was younger there was a book store on 42 nd st in new york city and i used to buy the spic and span books among other books on forced dressing.

  18. Great blog Lisa, and I too am a nylon junkie.

    Thank you


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