Bettie Page Playing Cards by Olivia

I wrote recently about my trip to Las Vegas and my visit to the Bettie Page Clothing Store while I was there. While I mostly admired what was on offer, I couldn't leave without making at least one small purchase and ended up buying a gorgeous pack of Bettie Page Playing Cards featuring art by the beloved pin up artist, Olivia.

One of the reasons I bought them is not just because the images are beautiful, as I'm sure is evident from the examples I've posted here, nor because I love playing cards and the idea of taking everyone's money in poker with Bettie's assistance appealed to me, but because the store had a selection of the cards displayed in a really beautiful frame with black matting and they really looked fantastic presented that way. I'm still undecided as to whether I'll play with them or frame them. Olivia's site is selling them for close to half what they were being sold for at the brick and mortar store, so I'll probably just pick up another set so I don't have to decide.


My New Toy

black opaque faux stockings

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I spent it in the the Seattle sunshine, in my local multiplex, and creating a new photoblog, Tumbling Vixen for everyone to enjoy. As is my wont, the focus is on legs and beautiful women, but it is less safe-for-work than Stocking Vixen. You will receive a warning to that effect when you click through on the link and, I'd be grateful if people who do head over there would take a moment to rate how appropriate for work, the site actually is, since I don't work in an office and may have a skewed sense of what's appropriate. I've rated it as a 5 on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the least safe for work) but, again, my standards aren't based on office protocol. I believe that the site is fairly tame, but I definitely don't want anyone to get spanked at work because they are used to my material being a little more office-friendly.

Warnings aside, I think I've seen some of the most gorgeous photos of my entire life the last couple of days, and I do hope you all enjoy what I've collected so far.


Japanese Pantyhose Commercial

See? Pantyhose can cheer you up and make you adorable, as seen in this commerical for Sabrina hosiery made by Gunze in Japan.

More videos...


Corset Making: Profile of a Corsetiere

A profile of Melanie Talkington from Lace Embrace Atelier in Vancouver, which sells handmade corsets and lingerie, as well as garters and stockings and other retro lingerie items. Gorgeously sexy stuff on their site including this gorgeous lace-up girdle.

Blue Peter and Corsets?

This video is wrong in so many ways and I don't mean the memories it has brought back of pink trousers. Isn't Blue Peter a children's program? Why were they doing a segment on corsets and why does one of the male hosts take a photo for his "personal album," when there's an underage girl in the group of females he's photographing? It's just weird. I can't be alone in my confusion, therefore I share it with all of you.

Akira Lane's Pantyhose Exercises

Akira Lane does not play fair as she demonstrates her exercise routine while wearing pantyhose, a cocktail dress and pretty high heels. She doesn't break a sweat, but the viewer very well might. More videos...


Slippery Kittens Burlesque

A troupe of dancers, made up of sexy moms auditions with some classic burlesque for America's Got Talent 2008. You can read more about these lovely ladies and their standing show at the Bar Deluxe in Salt Lake City, on The Slippery Kittens website. Burlesque in Salt Lake City? Who knew?

Sexy Pillow Fight: Leyla Rose and Missy Malone

Being as this is Memorial Day weekend in the U.S. and Hollywood traditionally uses it to kick off the summer blockbuster season, I thought I would do something a little different and program some Stocking Vixen TV for all of you to enjoy the next few days. You have my personal guarantee that my channel will feature substantially more hosiery, and maybe even more lingerie, than what Hollywood has in the the U.S. theaters right now.

Here we have the very sexy pinups, Leyla Rose and Missy Malone kicking things off on Stocking Vixen TV with a wonderfully sweet, sexy and funny pillow fight to "My Guy."


Black Milk Clothing


The ├╝ber-talented James Lillis, who writes Too Many Tights, a blog "for those whom too many tights is not enough," (so basically for people like me and many of you who read Stocking Vixen) recently launched his own clothing line, Black Milk, focused on the impossibly cool leggings he has been making himself and selling for a while.

The styles are not for shrinking violets and are much with the hipness, but if you're looking for leggings with attitude, there's no reason to look further than his work. The Spidermans (in the first photo above) are especially tempting to me. The leggings currently sell for $50-$120, which is an excellent price considering he hand makes each pair. I'm looking forward to seeing what James does in the future as he expands his clothing empire.


French Maid Pinup: Dahlia Delis


French maids are sexy and Ms. Delis makes quite the impish little petticoated member of the household staff. This brings to an end our wonderful 24 hour parade of photos I have to share with all of you and I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of Dahlia's work and have made a visit or two to her site. If you did enjoy the photos and want to share a note with Dahlia, please feel to wax rhapsodic in the comments area. I'd say she deserves it.

Thanks so much Dahlia for sharing your beauty and wonderful photos with us here!

Teasing with a Fan: Dahlia Delis


Dahlia in Living Color


Again, I've broken my long-standing ban on nudity to post this photo, because HOW COULD I NOT? It's just a gorgeous shot of Dahlia Delis, artistic, highly tasteful and I absolutely love it.

My favorite part of this photo is the way the garter strap presses gently against her right thigh. I can imagine so clearly what it would feel like to run a finger over that strap and go from smooth skin to elastic then back to smooth skin in a flash.

Pinup Girl Dahlia Delis Black RHT Stockings


A sexy pinup on a desk, her bestockinged legs in the air, her raven hair flowing across the desk's surface. The fantasies this photo will inspire...

Thank You Dahlia, May We Have Another?


Wow, where to start with this photo of Dahlia in her Rago Lacette Girdle? Perhaps with the pile of bodies accumulating over there as people pass out in sheer astonishment at her sexiness? Perhaps with the mystery of what may or may not cover her lady parts under her girdle? I love the nod to Bettie Page, but Dahlia keeps the energy her own and her thighs are a lethal weapon.

Today is my dear friend stockingmonster's birthday and I doubt there's anyone on earth who would appreciate this photo more than him, so I dedicate this post to you, SM and wish you the happiest of happy days. If you're on Twitter, please send him birthday greetings @stockingmonster and help me make his day.

Hot Enough For You? Dahlia Heats Things Up


Dahlia is blowing your mind in this shot, everyone, admit it! Also, Nick Danger, I am not sorry one little bit.

I think her hair looks especially lovely against the lacette girdle.


Ballerina Bondage: Dahlia Delis


I love the rosettes binding Dahlia's wrists together. Very sweetly sexy.

Dahlia Delis: Stiletto in Hand


This is a special favorite of the images Dahlia gave me to share. She has lots of great black and whites on her personal site, but I love thinking about the soft tickle of the feathers, compared to the firm authority of the heel in her hand. I enjoy tremendously, wrapping my fingers around my stiletto and pulling my leg back while I'm wearing it. It's a wonderful feeling, like many things, I don't know why, I just know I enjoy it.

More photos from this 24 hour Dahlia extravaganza here.

Pinup Girl Dahlia Delis in Sexy Gloves and Girdle


This is a smaller photo, but is has very big, sexy energy. I love the lacy gloves with the retro-girdle. This is very similar to the Rago garter girdle I test drove yesterday and I hadn't thought of trying my white lace gloves with it. Maybe this is why I'm me and Dahlia is the professional pinup.

Pinups on Twitter: Dahlia Delis in a Girdle

Being on a girdle kick at the moment, I love this photo.

Pinups on Twitter: Dahlia Delis


Pinups use Twitter, too; in fact, as a group, they are fairly tweet-happy, and I suspect as my readers become more aware of the site as a tool to connect with beautiful women in nylon, more of them may consider joining. Last week, a few amusing messages from LA pinup model Dahlia Delis caught my eye and lead me to investigate her personal website (which is for grown ups and not safe for work unless you work somewhere super-awesome).

She's funny, she's beautiful and she looks stunningly sexy in stockings and vintage lingerie. It seemed like a no-brainer to write to her and ask if she would share some photos with the readers of Stocking Vixen and she has very generously given some to post here, the first of which appears above. I love the feathers in this one, in particular, and the way the black of her hair plays with the black of her stocking tops and shoes. This is a first for Stocking Vixen in that I don't generally post any nudity on this site, but this is a highly tasteful, beautiful photograph and I couldn't resist.

One advantage to having your own blog is that you can declare your own random holidays, so I declare today Dahlia Delis Day and will be posting photos of Dahlia throughout the day from the selection she gave me. Please do stop by her website. She has photos of a far more grown-up nature than I am able to post here and fans of the damsel-in-distress and smoking fetishes will find much to admire.

Thanks Dahlia for sharing these photos with my readers. I'm sure they will give you a more-than-enthusiastic response.


Turquoise Stockings on the Wall...


I try not to do too many, "just because it's pretty," posts here at Stocking Vixen and reserve them for Stocking Vixenette, but I just couldn't resist sharing this photograph by ambiv on deviantART. I love the way the pattern on the stockings coordinates with the wallpaper. Magic!


G's Beautiful Bottom in Black and White


My friend G, recently had some boudoir photography done and I asked if I could share this photograph here with all of you. Simply put, she has a spectacular ass and even better legs. If I had to describe G in two words, they would be "strong," and "sexy". I have seen grown men walk into displays at the supermarket because of her charisma and I have heard teenage boys ask her on dates from their bicycles. If manufacturers could bottle her sex appeal, many people would be in some serious trouble.

You may be wondering things about quarters and bouncing and whether such things are possible with G's beautiful bottom. Since I've touched it myself, I can tell you that indeed, yes they are...


Rago Garter Girdle

Retro lingerie is a big new fascination of mine and I was having a conversation with a friend the other day about the sexiness of girdles and we both agreed that Rago makes some of the sexiest, classic styles. I've been traveling a bit lately, as well as buying tons of hosiery and have to watch my shopping, but a six or eight strap garter girdle has been toward the top of my wishlist for a while. I thought it might be a little while before I actually bought one, though I have found myself perusing the selection at Dollhouse Bettie and StockingsHQ and daydreaming quite a bit.

Imagine my delight when I found that I had won a $50 Dollhouse Bettie gift certificate in The Panty Drawer's latest giveaway, and could just skip the waiting and go ahead and buy the Rago open-bottom girdle I'd been lusting after, guilt-free. There was squealing. I admit it.

This will be the first time I've used anything but a garter belt to hold up stockings and I am really looking forward to trying it. One thing I love about garter belts is the feeling of the straps when I walk and I think the bottom of the girdle will feel more interesting than a plain old ordinary belt would. Also, even thought I'm slenderizing at the moment, I can't deny that the phrase "an amazing amount of power to control your tummy and hips," in the product description isn't part of the appeal. Most of all I'm so grateful to Pink Nylon for having the giveaway so I didn't have to wait to fulfill my girdle fantasies.


Tuxedo Lingerie

For my friend, Saragirl, who is on a tuxedo kick at the moment, tuxedo lingerie from Dollhouse Bettie. I also love these stockings paired with this set. There's something very nice about the stripes and lace with the gender-bending of the boy-details on the girl undies.


Ribbon Socks, Ballet Flats and Heels

My friend, Nick Danger, who writes the very wonderful blog, Fool for Your Stockings, has "issues" with ballet flats and I've been promising him for a while I'd post a photo with a pair. Earlier, I told him I'd definitely post one today and, since it's 11:31 on the East Coast, I'm posting this photo of a pair with lacy socks to keep my word. There are more photos coming tonight, but I wanted to keep my promise.

(Edited to add a few more shots and will write more in the morning about these socks and how they have rendered my former evil schemes to make my own ribbon socks moot.)


Bettie Page Clothing

I'm back from my week-long jaunt to Sin City and LaLa Land (also known as Las Vegas and Los Angeles to those not prone to nicknaming entire metropolitan areas) and, as a result, gained several nylon-related experiences I'll write about this week. I made a few interesting purchases before leaving on my trip, but today's post is about part of my time in Las Vegas.

For the record, the clear winner, hosiery-wise on the cocktail waitresses, shoeshine ladies and cigarette girls along The Strip is fishnet pantyhose. Other than black fishnets, I only managed to spy a few pairs of nude nylons and one pair of black fencenets (which are technically fishnets, anyway) on the ladies of Las Vegas. I was only in vogue the first night when I wore fishnets and my red platform Mary Janes to go and see Wayne Newton, who very surprisingly put on an incredible show with some help from his band and some dancers. My friend and I may have been one of the five people under 75 in the audience, but that's another story. We also chose not to enjoy the menu item, "Peanut M&M's" which I believe also enhanced our Wayne experience.

For some reason, and many of my readers will not be happy with me, I only packed nude pantyhose for the remainder of the trip. This is not a typo. I'll be waiting for the villagers with torches up at the castle. I tend to choke when it comes to dressing for warm weather and this trip seemed to think I was a frumpy 67 year old woman named Madge when I packed.

The morning after Wayne, I took a stroll along the Miracle Mile Shops in the Planet Hollywood complex and was very pleased to discover the brick-and-mortar version of Bettie Page Clothing, tucked amidst the Victoria's Secrets and American Apparels. The store wasn't huge, but it was absolutely chock-a-block with Bettie Page-inspired clothing, art, and accessories.

Me being me, I made a beeline for the stockings, which were tucked away in the back corner of the store. After a moment of terror at being faced by some Leg Avenue, I was very pleased to discover that they carried several styles each from Stockingirl and Secrets in Lace. I have to admit, I didn't espy any garter belts, but I didn't think to ask. Obviously, the mannequin in the photo above is wearing a six strap garter girdle, so my guess is that they were just in a different spot. I was on a budget while I was traveling, so I skipped picking anything up, especially since the styles they had on offer were fairly basic and I can order online, but it was fun to see those two brands on a rack in a physical store.

As, I was watching my pennies, I skipped delving too much into the merchandise in the store because I didn't want to tempt myself into being naughty, but, while my friend and a salesperson were agreeing that, "the tie makes the outfit," I couldn't resist buying a pack of playing cards with paintings of Bettie Page by Olivia on each card. I will scan some of those cards in this week and share them with you, since I can't find any decent images of them online.


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