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I've been fighting a rotten cold all week and something has also been wreaking havoc with my sleep, so it seems I've been doing many things in slow motion for the last few days. On Tuesday I solicited help from Twitter in choosing a pair of shoes from Victoria's Secret and got back a lot of very helpful messages. The overwhelming winner was this pair of ankle strap high heels in black.
Though I was eyeing another pair of black patent stiletto pumps, I decided that I had to go with the results of the voting and that these were probably a bit too similar to the other black patent stilettos I already own (and have worn in some of the photos I've posted here). If I had all the shoe money in the world, though, I would definitely want these, too. I like the asymmetrical strap a lot. Shiny shoes are good.

While I was shopping I also saw this fascinating retro-looking boy-undies inspired bra and garter panties set. The garters aren't that practical, given that there are only four, but it's an interesting-looking set. I like boy shorts, generally and these takes the "boy" part of the concept a little further.
I dig the repetition of the triangle across the front and then with the double garter strap. Alas, this set did not make it into my shopping bag. Victoria's Secret doesn't believe that breasts larger than a DD cup exist, period, (so I can't ever buy bras from them), and they also offer many of their bras only in the smaller size ranges, on top of that. This bra only goes up to a 36C, so, if you're a 38 or 40 of any kind, Victoria's Secret doesn't want your money. The panties come in S, M, L and are $28.

I'm very excited to get my new shoes and to take some photos in them. I bought some fleur de lis hose recently that will look great, I hope. Thanks to everyone at Twitter that weighed in. It was fun to have some assistant shoppers.

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