Pan Am Girdle and Stockings Photos (Screenshots)

I finally caught the first episode of Pan Am on Hulu after being very interested in how realistic the show would be around the Pan Am stockings and girdle wardrobe requirements of the time. Obviously, being somewhat (a teeny-bit...) obsessed with stockings, I would have loved to see lots of scenes focused around the lingerie, but I have to admit that for a mainstream show, they made sure to mention those girdles fairly often and in multiple scenes.

The scene above with Kelli Garner in a Rago garter girdle, getting dressed for her sister's wedding is the only scene in episode one of Pan Am that actually shows you any of the cast in lingerie or with stocking tops, but my bet is that the producers will probably sneak in a scene or two like this in each episode. I'll be staying tuned and will update you guys on any spectacular stockings sightings.

For those of you have seen more than one show, please let us know in the comments if there's anything good to look forward to in upcoming episodes!


The Duchess of Cambridge Rocks the Tights and Pantyhose

Obviously, unlike many around the Internet, I approve highly of the level of polish hosiery adds to the  Duchess of Cambridge's legs. I applaud her decision to wear nylons or tights whenever her legs are exposed. The pics above show just a few of my favorite Kate looks, and I don't think anyone could say she looks old-fashioned in any of them.

Let's hope this is the start of more nylons on more legs around the world.


Austra - Beat and The Pulse Video

Isn't it lovely when two things you love align? The Beat and the Pulse by Austra is currently one of my favorite songs, so I thought I'd hunt down the video.

Guess what? It's loaded with lingerie and hosiery of all types!  It was such a lovely surprise, that I had to bring it here to share with all of you. I hope you enjoy both the music and the beautiful visuals.


Pan Am - Stewardesses, Stockings and GIRDLES

The new TV show, Pan Am, set to premiere on ABC this fall and all about the style and excitement of air travel in the 1960's, will be sure to feature loads of period-perfect lingerie and stockings. I'm not even sure how many times they say the word, girdle, in this Pan Am preview video. Nylon-lovers, get ready for take off!

pan am cast photo, christina ricci stewardess photo
Pam Am stars Christian Ricci as a Pan Am stewardess and offers a cast of yummy eye candy, including some piloty types for those who enjoy men in uniforms. I'm sure the show will be stellar, because it's driven by a team associated with The West Wing and ER, but I'm honestly not going to be watching it for the plot. That would be a bit like reading Playboy for the articles.

Edited to add: I've received quite a few emails from people asking where they can find girdles and I'm sure the interest is going to increase when the show starts airing on September 25th. I've always bought my girdles from Stockings HQ who deliver stockings and lingerie world-wide. Look for any of the Rago open bottom girdles if you want an authentic 1960's look.

To take a look at their wonderful selection CLICK HERE. <---


6 Sexy Photos of Purple Stockings and Lingerie

I recently left a gorgeous pair of purple, floral fishnet tights in my hosiery drawer for over a year because I didn't have anything to match. Eventually, I thought, "Screw matching," and just wore them with a black dress. I got so many compliments that day and it inspired me to collect some beautiful photos of purple hosiery and lingerie to share with all of you.


Waiting For a Star to Fall Remix Video

The other day, my best friend, E,  and I were looking for an mp3 of "Waiting for a Star to Fall," by Boy Meets Girl, which we eventually found, but I had no idea the song had ever been remixed. I was thrilled tonight to run into this video on Tumblr for the remix, and, because it's chock full of fetishy stewardesses in white nylons, I get to share it with all of you, too.


Panties Over the Garter Belt FTW!

We've discussed this issue here before, but it always makes me happy to share a photo of garters worn under panties. The majority of photos of models in stockings show the straps of her garter belt going over the top of the panties. Anyone who has worn stockings in real life, learns the first time one would like to remove the undies (for a variety of reasons) but leave one's stockings on, that wearing a garter belt UNDER the knickers is the only way not to have to spend an annoying, and potentially moment-killing, amount of time undoing and redoing garter clasps.

So, consider this very sexy, yet sensible stockings photo as evidence that being practical can still be very hot.


Stocking Tease - The Best Reason to Wear Nylon Stockings

Why Stocking Tease?

Stocking tease is an art the biggest names in stockings have perfected: Tina Grant, Dita Von Teese, Bettie Page.  Why do so many of us who love nylons think it's sexier not to give everything away? There's some quality about nylon that lends itself to teasing. Maybe the sheerness, maybe that nylon stockings and pantyhose are reminders of a more demure time when most women dressed in a way that was clearly feminine. In those days, a pair of beautiful legs wrapped in nylons was a stocking tease, in and of itself, because it was often the only visible piece of a woman's sexuality. I'm sure many a man (and woman) was driven crazy following a back seam from the base of a heel, up the back of a leg to the logical conclusion. A good stocking tease is about creating anticipation and longing.

Nylon Stockings are Sensual

In the two years I've been blogging, I've interacted with thousands of other people with a nylon fetish and, although many prefer things to be explicit, I'd say that overwhelmingly people prefer stocking tease over anything else. I have some theories about this. I believe nylon fetishists, like many material fetishists, are sensualists. We're in love with the way nylon stockings feel under our fingers, the way they catch the light, the way they shine against skin. Stocking tease appeals to us, because we love the silken swish of stockinged legs brushing together, the feel of a finger lightly run beneath a garter strap. Some love inhaling the scent or nibbling on nyloned toes. Nylon is something that can be experienced with all our senses. No wonder we want to be teased. We want to savor the thing we love.

Engaging all my senses...

Stocking Tease, Just for Women? 

A great stocking tease artist allows you to revel in all the sensory pleasures of nylon stockings. She strokes her legs together and runs her fingers along her thighs. She displays the surface of her nylon stockings to the light and admires the shine. She adjusts the tops of her stockings, taking care to pretend she doesn't know you're watching. As a rampant stocking tease myself, one of the parts that's the most fun for me is pretending that nothing out of the ordinary is going on.

Men can also be wonderful at the stocking tease in their own way. I love to watch my own legs being gently kissed in nylons. That anticipatory moment as I first feel his warm breath through the nylon stockings, followed by the soft pressure of a kiss always makes me shiver.

Why do nylon lovers love to tease and be teased? Why is the stocking tease so sexy? Why? It's like the foreplay before the foreplay, the appetizer before a great meal, a moment to slow down and let desire build while we dream of the moment fingers first meet nylon.

I'd love to hear from you in the comments. Who are some of your favorite teases?

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Tina Grant in our First Clippette Ad

Tina Grant is the star of our first Clippette ad that my dear, talented friend, Seleena K was sweet enough to make for Clippette and I'm excited to share it with you here. It serves as a good reminder for me to point out that I collect my favorite nylon videos over there, too. I'd love to meet you if you're a fellow YouTuber.

Seleena K is a beautiful and amazingly sexy t girl with a passion for stockings and a wardrobe I'd kill for. She has over 25 creative photosets featuring, nylon, latex, high heels and all sorts of wonderful things posted at Clippette. I think you'll enjoy her imaginative pics and her sense of whimsy. You'll love Seleena and you should check her out here.


Sock Box - Romantic Stockings

Treacle of The Lingerie Addict always has her eye out for new designers and hit nylon paydirt with her discovery of Sock Box, a small Latvian company who creates some of the most highly imaginative and romantic legwear I've seen in a long time.

In the Sock Box's About Us, they say "...there is a Diva in every woman. Just tiny reminders are needed for us to reveal our elegance, sensuality and strength." Those of us that love the sensation of  wearing stockings and the feeling of femininity they provide can understand so completely the sentiment expressed there.

You can buy Sock Box hosiery directly from them on Etsy and I highly encourage my readers to check out their collection. Much of it is unlike anything else on the market, while still being highly wearable and incredibly beautiful. If you want your legs to stop people in their tracks, this is the brand to buy.


Tina Grant is Back!

Any serious fan of beautiful women in stockings and lingerie will be thrilled to hear that the beautiful Tina Grant, who retired two years ago, has decided to return to nylon modeling.

I am especially thrilled because she has chosen to make her return on a new website I co-founded and helped create. It's called Clippette and it's the easiest way for people selling their own erotic video clips or photos to connect with people who would like to buy them. If you like sexy stuff (and we have piles of stockings and pantyhose content) or you have sexy photos or video of your own you want to sell, please come by and say hiya.

Oh, and my Stocking Vixen store is here, including a little video of me in vintage Hanes stockings.


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