Seams in Front?

I've had backseams on the brain lately, but it never would have occured to me to wear them with the seams at the front of the leg! It's pure genius, I tell you. These look very much like my fave Nordstrom's house brand of pantyhose/thigh highs where the "backseam" is woven into the nylon and it could definitely pass for a stripe rather than a seam.

Am I brave enough to try it and risk well-meaning strangers saying, "Lady, you've got those on backward?" Hmmm, not so sure. In theory, however this is a very cool idea.

I realize this very well may be a pair with a stripe up front and a stripe down the back, but they look SO much like the Nordie's hose, I can't help but wonder.

Edited to add: My dear blogging pal, Treacle who writes the ├╝ber-awesome Stockings Addict and who has forgotten more about hosiery than I will ever know, pointed out in the comments area, the Wolford Palomas, which are a front-seamed style and are, indeed, what I think the model above is wearing. Thank you, Treacle. (Also, look at how hot she looks in her new corset).

Time for Boots?

Oh, Christian Louboutin, you can deny it all you like, but I have proof now you're in league with Sergio Rossi to take all my money. Why else would you have designed the ultimate, most-gorgeous-ever black, suede over-the-knee boot, then retailed it for $1,995? People may think you did this to thicken your wallet, but deep inside you know you did it to make the young girls cry with unfulfilled shoe lust.

One thing that's terrific about these boots, in particular, beside the blinding general awesomeness is that they would make a great boot for women with a larger than 14" calf (which seems to be about the average shaft circumference for a knee or OTK boot).

Sigh, this is going to be a long Autumn. I can tell. Bank robbery is a Federal crime, right?

White Fishnet Stockings?

Any regular reader of this blog knows I love fishnets in any form, be it stockings, pantyhose, or socks and lately I've even taken to looking at photos of fishnet gloves and getting a funny feeling inside. I have exactly zero idea how they would have anything to do with anything else I'm prone to wearing currently, but I still like looking at them more than I really should.

Recently while making my Tumblr blog (which is mildly not-safe-for-work) I ran across these two pairs of white stockings, which are very similar in design to each other, somewhat weblike, somewhat netted and definitely evoke my favorite "f" word (no, not that one). I'm not really what to call them. Does anyone know the official name for this type of netting? I love the combination of delicacy and texture. Would this be considered a variant on white fishnet stockings?


Sock Army Going Out of Biz Sale

Jenny and Christian Kittle who run Sock Army are about to welcome a baby, which means they'll too busy to decorate legs for a while, so they're shutting down the website. Everything they have in stock is 50% off and shipping is a flat $5.

I very honestly was not enamored by my sole shopping experience at Sock Army, in January, mostly because the site was not even remotely up-to-date regarding what they had in stock, but hearing now that they were on their last legs at the time and that they were in the throes of pregnancy leaves me in a more forgiving mood. I did receive my order very quickly and I loved my handmade garters, which are an item unique to Sock Army. A pair of the Black Widow garters can now be had for $6, which is a great price for something super-hep and well-made.

Check them out. At 50% off, it's hard to go wrong.


Pin Up Mobile

I had the wonderful pleasure of enjoying cupcakes and coffee today with my dear blogging friend (and now real world buddy) Treacle, who writes one of the very best nylon and lingerie blogs around, Stockings Addict.

Besides tantalizing me with tales of her gigantic stockings stash, she reminded me of the wonderful things that can be found at Etsy, a great place to find unique, beautiful handmade and vintage items of every description. She wrote here about a total score of a find on a Playtex rubber girdle.

This evening, I was perusing around and found this pin up mobile, which I thought some of you might enjoy. It sells for $30 and I think it would look very cool as they've shown it here, over a desk or perhaps a nice boudoir detail. Not so much over a crib, unless you are decorating for Dita Von Teese's baby.

For the record I love Treacle even more in person than online and she wore fabulous socks with bows on them.


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