Roller Derby Fashion Statement

I have found my sport! Anything you can do while wearing roller skates and completely awesome patterned pantyhose and fishnets, sign me UP! So, if anyone is looking for me, I'm down at the roller rink, practicing my body slams, getting ready to move to Australia so that I can join the Victorian Roller Derby League.

I actually think I may have just ordered an identical pair of black and white striped tights as the skater in the center, but the order has yet to arrive. I'm ready! The girl on the left looks like she's getting ready for Fishnet Stockings Week over at Stockings Addict.


  1. Ha! Yes!

    I went to the season opener of the Atlanta RollerGirls last night. Roller Derby is made of pure win and awesome.

    Hot women beating each other up while wearing fishnets? Can you really get any better than that?

  2. Maybe like hot women beating each other up while I ate chocolate? That's the only thing that could be better.

    I am so jealous you got to go to the Roller Derby!!!


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