Postwar Nylon Stocking Psychos

I know many people who read this blog dream of days like this returning when, post WWII, "stores had to impose quotas on sales (of nylons) to prevent outright mayhem in the aisles," and "a man with a pair of new nylons in his pocket was better off than a G.I. in Germany with a hatful of chocolate bars."

But then that horrible Christian Dior ruined everyone's fun! I love the guy smiling at the end of this video so much. More videos...


  1. ;^p Damn you, Christian Dior! ;^p

    If there were only a way to get women excited about it today.

  2. Well, they went nuts the last time because they had lost access to it for years...NO...THE HORROR!!!!!

  3. I think a return to nylons should be part of the economic stimulus program
    It would certainly stimulate me

  4. I think you've got it, Nick! I think that would be highly stimulating!


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