Sequins and Tights

When I can't handle reading anymore and I just want to people watch and marvel at the creativity and delight some people show in getting dressed, I meander over to Face Hunter, a blog described as "a man out and about in london and beyond: eye candy for the style hungry." It's a wordless document of beautiful people found on the streets of London and the interesting things they wear. It's quite a wonderful and colorful parade at times, and a great place to get ideas for breaking out of your wardrobe doldrums based on things real people are actually wearing on the street.

As readers of Stocking Vixen know, I'm not averse to the idea of taking things into your own hands and making an article of clothing better-suited to your own purposes. I believe the sequined opaque tights in the photo are a "real" product, in fact, I know I've seen them before, but I look at so much hosiery every day, that I can't always shake information loose when I need to remember it (I hope someone will help me in the comments if they recognize these). However, making yourself a pair of these, or something similar shouldn't be too difficult. Sequins are often sold attached to sheets of fabric, as well as loose and it's not really necessary to commit to a fully-sequined leg to do some interesting embellishing on a pair of tights. It's an idea I hadn't thought of before, that I may play with this spring. Even a few sequins at the ankle could be fun.

Is it just me, or is she wearing shorts with tights?



  1. I think she is wearing shorts with tights!

    That's a hip look. Sequins aren't really my thing, but she definitely pulls them off, and they're so subtle (black on black) it's more of a textural element than a flashy one. If that makes sense...

  2. That does make sense. I'm not a big sequins lover myself, but textural is the right word. You nailed that. Sequins just take me to my Saturday Night Fever place, normally, but these ones work. That whole look is definitely really hip. It's something I would love to wear, but would probably fail horribly at if I tried to put something like it together myself. Also, I'm thinking it probably plays better in London than in the 'burbs.

  3. Good point. Europeans, Londoners included, have a wicked fashion sense. I felt like a frumpy reject the entire time I backpacked out there.

  4. I'm not sure. It could be just the way she is holding her hands that makes it look like shorts. But what's wrong with wearing shorts with tights? I think it looks great.

  5. Nothing wrong with it at all! I actually love shorts with tights and been waiting for years for it to come back into style. If you click the link in the blog post, it'll take you to another post I did all about shorts with tights and how I think the look works best. So we agree, Janus. Hooray ! :-)

  6. I like very much!

    Besides just being different and fun, sequins could have some very practical advantages. At the ankles might be a good ploy for women with cankles, but that's not you, SVixen. I'd guess even a few sequins on the thighs would make a woman look thinner and taller, and I've got a weakness for skinny legs.

    I sure hope she's not wearing shorts. When you can wear a skirt, why would you?


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