Pantyhose for men

One of the most vocal advocates for fashion equality when it comes to hosiery, Eugene T.S. Wong, aka Hosiery Advocate has a new photo set on Flickr. He's looking quite dapper in a green suit with hosiery. His suit has shorts instead of pants which shows his opaque tights off nicely. I love it that Eugene is out there carrying the flag for men who want to wear hose. It takes guts to be public about wanting to do anything outside the social norms and when it becomes more socially acceptable for men to wear whatever they like on their legs, we will have men like Eugene to thank for it.

Looking good, Eugene!

If you're interested in seeing more masculine images of men wearing pantyhose (also known as mantyhose), check out the rest of Eugene's photo stream, or head over to the fabulous Pantyhose for Men site at the e-MAN-cipate project. Not only can you check out some great shots of mega-hot guys in tights, but if you have a web site or social media profile, you can pick up tools to help promote the mantyhose cause.

If you're a guy interested in getting his own pair of pantyhose designed specifically for the male anatomy, head over to the Activskin website, where you can find men's pantyhose, tights, stockings and socks that are thin enough to wear under your everyday clothing. Also, be sure to check out the great story of Activskin marketing director, Steve Newman's experience wearing hosiery (including the health benefits) and how he came to work in the field on his blog, The Nylon Gene.

If anyone knows of other resources for men interested in learning more about wearing hosiery or wants to share his personal experiences wearing mantyhose, I'd love to hear more in the comments area.

Up with fashion equality!

Whip It

I love roller derby fashion and I also happen to enjoy Drew Barrymore quite a bit. I'm rooting for her directorial
debut, Whip It, to be a big success, so thought I'd do my part to promote a film that looks good in its own right,
but also features terrific leg looks and encourages young women to be true to themselves.

a photo of roller derby girls in fishnets and socks


Sneak Peek

Edited to add that My Backseam is now live and filled with thousands of sexy stockings and pantyhose photos. We have a group dedicated to foot-lovers, too!

Thanks to everyone who dropped me a note checking in on me last week. Between a few family obligations and work picking up in earnest on Backseam, my new nylon project, it was impossible for my brain to string words together coherently enough to post on SV the last seven or eight days. Thanks for caring and thanks for being patient.

I'm working (more than) full-time now on creating Backseam - something I believe most people who read this blog will love and will hopefully find entertaining as well as incredibly useful and fun. I'm sorry to still be somewhat mysterious; my partner-in-crime, Nick Danger, has threatened to take away all my knee boots if I say too much.

We are, however, happy to give you all a sneak peek at the kinds of visuals that will inform Backseam, by sharing a Tumblr site we've built to blog images we feel capture the vibe of what Backseam, our new venture, will be all about.

Please note: this is not a preview of Backseam – we’re not ready to share that with you yet. With this Tumblr, we just wanted to give you a little taste of the kinds of visuals you’ll see on Backseam when it’s launched in early 2010.

And be warned: the circumspect Stocking Vixen has snapped her garters, so to speak, and this preview is absolutely not safe for work. If you are offended by visible lady parts, it's best not to click that link.

And some of the images we loved were so adult that we created a second blog, Backseam Extreme, for the really grown-up ones and I won't link to it here, but there's an easy-to-find-link on the Backseam Tumblr. The warning in the previous paragraph applies here in spades.

I've recognized in the last week that if I try to balance blogging regularly here with finishing Backseam that I am not going to do either thing well, so Stocking Vixen will have to be on semi-hiatus for the near future. Nick and I will be posting images and commentary over at the new Tumblrs as well as hammering away at building this new fun place for all of us and I'll still pop in at Twitter and on Facebook, so I'll be around. I'll miss being able to play here, but I truly believe you'll think it's worth it when Backseam is up and running.

I have proven completely unable to take a complete hiatus from Stocking Vixen in the past, so don't be surprised to see me drop in from time to time, but for the next couple of months it will be the exception to see posts here rather than the norm.

See you soon!


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