Fishnet Friday

Perhaps those of you who read Stocking Vixen on a regular basis may have noticed that I have been more than mildly excited by the start of Fishnet Stockings Week on March 4th over at one of my favorite blogs, Stockings Addict. I really wasn't certain what to expect, but anything that meant an entire week would be devoted to fishnets, my absolute favorite type of hosiery, I couldn't help but get in a tizzy over. I think she must have heard me hyperventilating outside the door of her blog, and Treacle took some of the suspense away on the 1st of March explaining:
Fishnet Stockings Week starts March 4th and continues through March 11th. We'll start with a brief, technical overview of what defines the fishnet and talk about some basic differences in type and style of net. Immediately afterwards, I'm going to start posting reviews. Expect to see thorough discussions of fishnet hose from brands as diverse as Wolford, Falke, Betsey Johnson, Jonathan Aston, Aristoc, and Secrets in Lace. The goal for me is to have you, my readers, not only become more acquainted with fishnet stockings in general but also to have a better idea of which fishnets would be best for you.
She did indeed post a wonderful manifesto on the beauty and versatility of fishnet, as well as a great explanation of the different sizes and shape of net and how to put together different types of looks.

Most importantly, because it leads to an excuse to wear piles of hosiery, she has declared Friday the 6th of March, Fishnet Friday and is encouraging everyone to put on their fishnets and enjoy them together. If you do, drop by and let the world know what you're wearing.

I made two special purchases for this event. Some topless industrial net stockings, which are the stockings that originally lead to my DIY thigh high experiment, and some diamond net pantyhose, which have much more awesome feet than are shown in the product illustration. I'll try to post a photo here tomorrow. My camera seems to be hiding. I also have a pair of very sweet lilac fishnet knee socks that are topped by a ribbon, that I bought after Christmas and have been saving for a special occasion. Tomorrow seems to be the perfect occasion to bring them out. I will have to change a few times during the day, but it is all worth it in the name of celebrating hosiery! Happpy Fishnet Friday, everyone.


  1. Very nice collection.

    Happy Fishnet Friday!

  2. I have to admit that fishnets are NOT my favorite, though I also have to admit I've seen a few examples of stockings that might technically be called fishnets that look pretty good. Maybe "textured" would be a better word than "fishnet."

  3. Thank so much, Stocking Vixen!

  4. Thanks Pink and Treacle and Mark. You're right Mark that fishnets come in different forms, some that are more of a texture. I have some gray fishnets that don't have any holes in them, but have a raised fishnet pattern. They're some of my faves.

  5. Black fence nets over nude/champagne pantyhose.... YUM.

    - Stockingmonster


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