Just a Little Naughty Black Stockings Photo

By SirMightyMac

If I Lived in a Pink Plastic World

Sexy pink latex stockings in a high fashion photograph
Sept 2006 W magazine shot by Craig McDean with beautiful Natalia Vodianova

White Corset and Panties
Nary a stocking in site, but I am newly crazy about the photography of Ellen Von Unwerth and I love corsets. Also, have I mentioned I think legs are pretty?

Rodarte Leggings, Motorcycle Jackets and Rihanna

A model in fishnets and leather leggings
The Rodarte leggings which appear in the photo above are incredibly expensive and have been the subject of much obsessing at my desk (and, okay, I may have licked my screen the one time). Why do I love them so much? I'll be honest, I can't explain it, but as T Magazine explains, in reference to the also incredibly expensive, Rodarte Motorcycle Jacket:
I knew I wanted one for myself. That’s how fashion works: you have an emotional response to something and you just want it, no matter what the cost. And the cost of this jacket is a lot.
She's right. The cost of the motorcycle jacket, which is one nutty-looking thing (and yes, I know the leggings are in the same category to many people) is $3,795. The leggings are $920. The jacket actually seems like the better bargain to me, given that the leggings are probably made from the same amount of leather as one sleeve of the jacket. Yes, I think about how much material is in the garment and do calculations around, "is it a good value?" Rodarte may have been named 2009 Womenswear Designer of the year by the CFDA, but you have to be cool to wear them. I have been accused of being many things in my life. Cool isn't really one of them.

I'm excited to see this photo, because this is the first photo I've seen of them, other than this, er...not as attractive, photo of them on Rihanna, which clearly shows they are a pull-on legging, akin to a long legwarmer, more than a pair of true-leggings or footless tights, AND the model is wearing them over fishnets. I have died and gone to legwear heaven.

Rihanna in a pair of Rodarte leather leggings
Rihanna has cured me of my personal dreams of owning a pair of these beauties. Like many high fashion items, they appear to look best on the slender of body (boo to the designers on that). I am not fond of the idea of having leggings-marks pressed into my skin at the end of the day. However, the things I could do with the hosiery I already have, scissors and various lengths of tubes cut from them...

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Garter Strap Tension

From DeviantArt

Hey, Look at My Foot in Black Stockings

A woman shows her feet to the camera in pantyhose
From DeviantArt

White Garter Pantyhose and a New Candidate for Most Perfect Buns 2009

This is possibly the most perfect butt I've ever seen

Ballerina in Corset and White Gloves

A pinup dressed like a ballet dancer in white lingerie

Adjusting Her Stocking Top

From DeviantArt

Pink Tapestry Corset, Pearl Necklace and Stockings

Fishnets Socks, Heels and Kisses

woman wears ankle socks and pumps

Crossed Legs in Fishnet Pantyhose and Boots

fetish crossed, originally uploaded by faeriebyte.

Foot Worship: Boots Edition

Monday Kiss: fetish!, originally uploaded by teenage jesus.

One of the prettiest foot worship photos I've ever seen. I love the way the black of her boots is picked up in the lowlights of his hair and the green of the background makes his eyes look even brighter.

Nature vs. Lingerie and Lingerie Wins

Sheer Luxury

via The Code: 831
This photo embodies everything I love about wearing stockings. They make the ordinary world wonderful.


Pink Satin Heels and Shuttered Light

By Karen Collins for Italian Vogue

Crystal Renn

Crystal Renn looking sexy in black opaque tights (and I think she has some other clothes on, too).

Sheer Nylon Made

copie, originally uploaded by Purdey 2000.

This could be one of the "naughtiest" non-naughty bits showing photos I've ever seen.

Stockings, Girdle and Wine

I love photos like this that suggest a story. So much could be happening here, and what does Famous Amos have to do with it?

Wearing the Water

Not stockings, but an irresistible photo. I had to share it.

Red Ribbon Garter Strap

I love the tulle!

Fishnets and Boots

I have "issues" both with black over-the-knee boots (which are predicted to be big for Fall 2009, hooray, hooray) and fishnet stockings, so this photo is a winner in my book.

Megan Fox in Stockings, Pantyhose and a Trenchcoat

Stockings and a trenchcoat

Sexy photo of black knee socks

Megan Fox wears a VERY pretty pair of pantyhose

Megan in her Jonah Hex costume with stockings

People come here all the time looking for shots of Megan in pantyhose or stockings, it's one of the most common searches that lead people to Stocking Vixen, but until now the site has been an MF-free Zone. I'm rectifying that right now, with these photos, mostly gathered from Fuck Yeah, Megan Fox. Let it not be said that I don't care about my lovely readers. I would commit several major crimes to get my mitts on a pair of the patterned pantyhose she's wearing in the third photo. I think they're Wolford, so my mitts will be very cold and there will be a red guy poking me with a fork before I get any, sadly.
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Contemporary Stockings Photo

I love how contemporary this photograph is, the setting, the model, the colors in the photo, everything. I also like it that the model just happens to be wearing stockings and the photo seems to be about her emotional state more than anything else.

Polka Dot Pantyhose, Polka Dot Shoes

Lordy, I know how she feels with that suitcase. I'm always trying to cram more stuff into my bag than could reasonably fit, like two weeks worth of clothes for a three day trip, "just in case".

Photo by Terry Richardson.

Stockings, Panties and Open Toe Satin Pumps, with Jaunty Scarf

From Gitte Meldgaard Photography

Black Corset and Wavy Pantyhose

I believe this wavy hose can be found at Sock Dreams. Will have to rack my memory.

Red Rose and Corset

So many details I love here: the rose, the velveteen top on her fishnets, the gentle curls in her hair. What a beautiful photo.


Girl on a Carousel

Photographed by Craig McDean
Models: Bette Franke and Suvi Koponen.


Dita In Nylon and Rope Marks Helps Me Announce a Small Change

I mentioned recently that for the next few months, I will be going lighter on the text and heavier on the photography here at Stocking Vixen, because of work I'm doing on another nylon project (which I hope you guys will love). The poll I took at the time showed overwhelming support for the idea of lots more photos, with about half of you admitting that you mostly come here for the pretty ladies in the first place. The other half of you were supportive of me posting more photos short-term as long as I got back to regular Stocking Vixenry when I was free again.

So, for now, look for far more frequent posts, fewer words, and lots of gorgeous, intriguing, artistic and stimulating photos of lingerie and hosiery. I've got Dita tied up and ready to pose for us. This is a high-quality image, so give it a click to see the full-sized view. (Thanks to the beautiful Dahlia Delis for sharing this image from her collection, which she has let us know is from Jim Weathers Bondage Cafe, which is very definitely a site for grown ups.)



Taking a Survey

This is very much a chicken or the egg set of photos for me. I first saw the shot with the pantyhose a couple of months ago and fell in love with them, but then recently saw the photo with the drawn or tattooed-on backseam that seemed inspired by the pantyhose design. Now I've fallen to pondering whether the pantyhose exists at all, or whether it's a tattoo under a pair of navy hose. What do you guys think? Tattoo under hose or 100% hosiery? Make your case in the comments section and save me from going in circles please.

While you're pondering, if you'd take a moment to answer my poll question at right, I'd be very grateful, as well. Thanks!



Monica Bellucci is My New Girl Crush

I'm straight, but I really want to ride mopeds, try on dresses and go to boarding school with her.

monica bellucci in stockings


Stockings in the Boardroom. Should Someone Call HR?

a woman wearing stockings, panties and a bra stands on conference room table in an office and touches the ceiling

I'm fairly certain that OSHA might have something to say about Darenzia in lingerie on the table doing things to the acoustical tile, but I'm glad they didn't get there before this wonderful photo was taken.

The sweetest, most adorable pinup ever, Dahlia Delis, whom I've featured in Stocking Vixen before and has started a lovely new blog about the things that inspire her, will be programming some images for us all this week. She has sent me some fantabulous ones from her personal collection. She's a big enthusiast for collecting photography and she has sent me some wonderful shots that I'm looking forward to sharing this week. Thank you Dahlia!



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