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One of my favorite drool-inducing lingerie blogs is Frou Frou Fashionista, kept by Faire Frou Frou the luxury intimate apparel retailer, and one of my single favorite posts they have ever made was from January of 2008 about a V magazine photoshoot of glamorous garter belts and luxe panties embellished by stylist Bay Garnett with gorgeous pins and brooches. I actually hold this blog post and these photos partially responsible for turning me into someone with the desire to sing the praises of hosiery and pretty underthings around cyberspace.

I love the silver spiderweb pin on the lavender stockings and the Eiffel Tower pin on the rosy garters. The whole idea adds a touch of whimsy and glamor that's really original and, I think, very pretty. This is obviously an idea that would be very easy to copy at home and I've even wondered why more garter belts aren't sold with embellishment on the garter strap. Some of it has to do with not wanting the strap to show through clothing, but it seems that designers are losing an opportunity to have some fun with fabrics or decorations once in a while and I know I'd be interested in something quite outside the norm every now and again, even if it were just for the boudoir.

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  1. Oh, how pretty! Now I want to put a brooch on my garters.

    To me, designers like that show what lingerie is supposed to be

  2. I want to put a brooch on my garters and wear stockings with shorts so everyone can see them, which would be so awful, but I still want to do it. :-p

  3. Wonderful blog, I love those designs - they certainly add some fun...

  4. thank you for the 'frou-frou' mention! we truly appreciate the kind words!
    you are right, that garter post was just beautiful. we haven't seen anyone do stockings/garters as amazing since.
    what a great blog! stockings really do up the ante with any lingerie ensemble is complete without stockings.

  5. I think there has been a missed opportunity to have fun with every aspect of the lingerie, including the garter straps. I've always found the garter straps to be the sexiest part, forming an erotic line from her hips to the stocking tops down her thigh! I like to see this idea more.


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