Sheer, Shimmering Pantyhose of the Week

The people who read Stocking Vixen have proven to be very supportive and very generous with their time and suggestions. I want to take a moment to everyone who has been so supportive and welcoming this last month as I got the blog up and going and let you know I'm truly enjoying the new friendships I'm forming. I really owe some very special thanks to Stockingmonster out there on Planet Hosiery who has taken it upon himself to evangelize for me on Twitter daily, as well as share with me his extensive experience in buying and enjoying legwear. The man knows hosiery. Thank you so much to you all, but especially you, SM.

You guys have also been great about suggesting things to write about, either directly or indirectly. (Very obviously, tomorrow is the start of Fishnet Stockings week at Stockings Addict and everyone should be ready, by the way.) My most recent post about the roller derby was inspired by a conversation I had with Kevin in Texas. The roller derby wouldn't have been on my radar, otherwise.

This brings me to the beautiful pantyhose pictured above. Another Kevin, one with whom I've been corresponding for a little while (so we'll call him early-adopter Kevin), dropped me a note about some gorgeous hose he saw on a fashion blog that he thought I might like to share with everyone. It lead me to a site I hadn't run across before, LuxeLegwear, which carries lots of hosiery, but seems to have an especially nice European pantyhose selection. Picasso had his Blue Period, I seem to be in my Lusting After Metallics Period and the gorgeous pair of Vertigo Light pantyhose pictured above is doing a LOT to stimulate the stocking button.

Every pair has a little gold woven into the fibers, so the surface is very reflective and shimmery and I am just enough of a show-off to wear these to the supermarket. They're too pretty to keep in the drawer for special occasions. It's a sheer-to-waist pantyhose and comes in Nude, Berry and Black and I think it's probably extra beautiful because it's 10 denier, so nice and sheer. It comes in two sizes and fits up to 5"11/175 pounds.

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  1. An entire website dedicated to European hosiery?

    But I'm trying so hard to be good!

  2. Well, then you probably don't want the link to http://hosieree.com/ either, then.


  3. Just thinking the same thing as Treacle. This could be very bad...

  4. It could only be bad in a world where hosiery weren't very, very goooooood.


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