Sophia Loren in Stockings and Garter Belt

Sophia Loren nylon stockings garter belt
Sophia Loren nylon stockings garter belt corset
Sophia Loren nylon stockings garter beltyoung sophia loren white dress bare legs
sophia loren putting on nylon stockings
Something that can be a lot of fun is seeing the Google searches that bring people into Stocking Vixen. Many of them make sense like, "Mary Janes stockings," or even the improbable "dentist in stockings" or "kiss my bloomers," but in the last week or so, I've suddenly noticed that lots of people are searching for photos of Sophia Loren in stockings and a garter belt, or photos of her feet in nylons, and are being directed to my site. Which makes no sense, because up until this moment, there were no photos of Sophia Loren here, and I actually can't ever remember posting about her, though I think she's an incredibly beautiful, sexy woman with a fantastic pair of legs.

So, never being one to disappoint, I thought I'd find some photos of the lovely Ms. Loren, including a pretty shot of her bare legs, and post them here for the intrepid people who have been traipsing over here only to be let down. I have to admit, I'm not suffering at all by doing so, and I know my regular readers won't be in too much pain, either.

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  1. Thanks for caring about your future readers. :^D

  2. The photo of Sophia Loren in the black corset with the straw hat is one of my all time favorite lingerie photos ever. Nobody does European glamour like Ms. Loren.

  3. I love that second photo down. Especially with the hat and gloves, makes her look almost whimsical.


  4. Sophia is a Goddess...

    A timeless beauty...

  5. do you wear sheer stockings./.

  6. do you like vintage rht stockings?

  7. She has been my Earth Mother for many years.


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