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beyonce pantyhose
The Beyonce concert tour kicked off last night and photos from opening night in Edmonton are showing up around the Internet and, as promised, I'm posting some new photos this morning of Beyonce's pantyhose and her costumes. The photos were surprisingly difficult to find. I had assumed that Flickr would be loaded with fan photos from the concert last night, but I couldn't find anything. Thankfully, Brown Sista is on the case and has fans sending in photos of the Beyonce concert opening show and will be updating their blog all day long with new Beyonce pantyhose photos as they come in. They have more photos than I'm showing here, as well as several fan videos of live performances from the I Am... concert including Beyonce performing Diva which she performed live for the first time last night. There was a "no-media" rule in force at the concert last night and Sony has already pulled the fan videos from YouTube; the Brown Sista videos at Vimeo may survive a little longer being as they are hosted elsewhere, but that's not guaranteed.

I like the costumes, especially the really weird ones where the backup dancers look like life-size Academy Awards because one of my hobbies is handicapping the Oscars. Most of the costumes are really evocative of fetish wear, which is a lot of fun. I like seeing Beyonce's naughty side. I have always liked how Beyonce looks in shiny pantyhose, and that she wears it so often. I've heard from many of my readers that nude or suntan pantyhose is their favorite and that they love Beyonce especially because she wears that style of pantyhose almost exclusively. She gets a lot of guff for it, too, but I give kudos to anyone who wears stockings or pantyhose on a regular basis.

Clicking on any of the Beyonce photos will take you to a larger version, but I especially recommend it with the wedding dress photo.

Hello Beautiful has more photos, including the one above, and video of Beyonce performing a cover of "You Oughta Know."


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  1. Beyonce is looking incredible in this series...Especially good that she is a wearer of hosiery...

    It is refreshing to have such a natural curvy beauty on top of the media world for all to see.


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