Gaultier Hosiery Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear

The invitations for this show came wrapped in fishnet. This could only be a good sign for the leg looks that would walk the runway. (The show itself was on Fishnet Friday. JPG blew it out in STYLE, baby!)

(I see someone's undies! *giggle* I have a perverse desire to go to the supermarket dressed like this.)

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  1. Is that a jacket covered in fishnet?

    I think I'm in love...

  2. You're going to die, but the reason I didn't say anything about that jacket and the fishnet is that I thought, "I wonder if Treacle is going to zone in on that jacket." LOL!

    I have been fantasizing about that thing all day. I NEED it!!!

  3. I love the sheer stripe stockings! Any idea of when they are available?!


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