New High Heels - 4" Stilettos

pantyhose crossed legs real woman black ankle strap stilettospantyhose crossed legs ankle strap high heels real woman
No time to set things up properly tonight; for some reason I couldn't shoot in focus while I was standing, so I'll need to set up the tripod, but I shot some pantyhose crossed legs photos in my my new black high heels, since they arrived today and I love them! Thank you to everyone who sent me a vote at Twitter and helped me pick. The balloting went overwhelmingly in favor of this pair, though there were many from which to choose, so I guess you guys were on to something. More photos to come, but I wanted to share something today.



  1. Those are stunning! Great find, and I love the warm glow of these photos.

    I added you to my blogroll, by the way.

  2. Lovely...both the shoes and the legs!

  3. Thanks, Sabrina, Treacle and Sara. I love these shoes and they were a steal too. They started pretty cheap at $59, but then VS had them on sale at $47 so I had to buy them! Sabrina, THANKS for adding me to your blogroll. Your blog is really incredibly well-written.

  4. Thats a beautiful pair of shoes attached to a beautiful pair of legs... ;-)


  5. oh yes, very sexy legs, could spend all day kissing them xx

  6. I have to ask, how comfortable are they for you? I bought the same pair (I just got them drastically marked down...$15 or something) and I only work them for a couple hours before I took them off. I work an office job, and just sitting at my desk, they were cutting into my feet horribly. Just curious if it was just me or the shoes.

  7. They aren't comfortable, but my problem comes from the angle down onto the toes, not from them cutting into my feet. I definitely would never attempt to wear them all day, but have fun wearing them for short times. My Guess Mary Janes that are in the photo in the side bar have another .25" on the heel, but are something I can wear for a long time and walk easily in, so I think this VS pair are definitely not the best made shoe in the world.

    Hey! We're shoe buddies. :)


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