The Shape of Your Legs

Dylan is an independent musician and cartographer from France, influenced by artists as diverse as The Kinks, Lucinda Williams and Beck. He is also a very gifted songwriter and guitar player. He posted his song The Shape of Your Legs online at (which is a massive resource for free music from independent musicians from all around the globe)in November of 2008, and I have loved its simple beauty since I first heard it. Clicking through on that link above will take you to a page where you can download the song free, if you would like your own copy. You can also hear and download more of Dylan's music there.

This song is an acoustic guitar instrumental, but he plays styles all over the map. He has a rocker with lyrics by Debaser Jones, Six Feet of Trouble, with this great chorus:

She's six feet of trouble with five feet of leg
Six feet of trouble with five feet of leg
Looks so good, God, you know you gotta beg

Since discovering iCompositions and other sites where indy musicians give their music away, I've bought fewer commercials mp3's over the years. The database is truly a goldmine in every genre of music you could imagine and, free of commercial concerns, people have come up with some really innovative and interesting things.

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