Stockings, Suspenders and Girdles, Oh My!

Here's a brief fashion show of stockings, suspenders and girdles by What Katie Did a London lingerie company built literally from the ground up on stockings by lingerie designer Katie Halford. In 1999 when she couldn't find seamed stockings at a non-ridiculous price, she ordered a bunch of stockings wholesale and sold them herself on a website. I have to admit, I really like her style.

Today, the company makes a full line of vintage-style hosiery, lingerie and corsets adapted for the modern woman from vintage patterns. Delicious is really the only word I can think of to adequately describe her collections. This fashion show is fun, though low on production values, and I love the way Girl #3 shakes it!


  1. Thank U. Gota B Girdled, yes. Those leggs go all the way up to her Girdled-Ass. Ain't it great?

  2. stockings and girdles are just lovely.


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