Stirrup and Stilletos

I think this may be my favorite pair of socks ever. Not only are they cute, but they can be layered with hose (they are snug, so another pair of socks probably wouldn't work) and the hose shows on the feet as well as from the knee up. I lived through the 80's and remember the horror of stirrup pants, but these are infinitely cuter and I love the way the stirrup feels across the arch of my foot. They're just a lot of fun to wear. This pair is by a company called Make + Model. I can't find much about them online at all, which is just bizarre. I bought them at Nordstrom, originally and has a similar pair on sale for $3.90 right now (I paid $12 for mine)

Apologies for the poor photo quality. I am obviously going to have to learn how to use my tripod if I'm going to document my purchases, but this gives the idea.

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