Stuck on Stockings

Okay, after having posted the Lise Charmel garter belt earlier today, I haven't been able to stop thinking about the stockings in that photo. Some very similar appear in white with this Waspie, too. I love it that the top is scalloped and lace-like, yet completely smooth. Both styles cross sophisticated and girly in a way I really adore, but I have no idea where these bad boys came from. If anyone has any ideas, or suggestions for lookalikes, I'd love to hear about them in the comments. Must have stockings!

P.S. I should mention that clicking on the photo will take you to a much larger version and it is pretty, pretty, pretty.


  1. I like those stockings as well. Lace looks nice, but I think that lace tends to be rough. Those tops tend to be more subdued, which seems to be more tasteful, to me.

  2. Here's my recommendation, but I'm from Mars and this appears to be a Venus issue:

  3. Cervin tends to come out with some pretty rocking lace top stockings. You may like this pair titled "Divine."

    I know sometimes links don't come through, but you can just type "Cervin Divine" into your Google searchbar and should be able to find them that way too. :-)

  4. Hosiery Advocate, I agree with you that a lot of lace can be rough and it's nice for it to be touchable. Many lace finishes are quite soft, but it seems to be at least a 50/50 proposition. I think you're right about these being very subdued and tasteful. I'd probably wear them in a lady-like mood.

    Mr. Danger, I enjoy those quite a bit and can oblige you in your recommendation as I plan to order a pair of opaque stockings from Sock Dreams this weekend, coincidentally in white.

    Treacle, How did I know you'd have something in your mental Rolodex? Those are definitely VERY similar (and pretty). I also have a thing about the logo under the welt look. It's a bizare combination of practical undies ala Jockey or Calvin Klein and the height of femininity and I just lovvvvvve it. It's kind of in the same school as that gartered tank top you featured a little bit ago. I think that would look cool with some super-girly stockings attached.


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