Comments Work, Hooray!

Unbeknownst to me, comments have not been working at all for the life of my blog. I thought I had a setting wrong at the beginning, but thought I had corrected the problem, so then developed a complex wherein no one loved me or my stockings (well, no really, many people have been very supportive and, stymied by my comments situation, have sent emails or tweets in my direction). I owe thanks to Kevin in Texas for finally saying to me, Hey dorky! Your comments aren't working.

Of course, fixing comments has done something to the Google ads and now they appear willy-nilly throughout my posts. I will need to rummage around later to figure out how how that issue.

Since this post has little to do with hosiery, I will now redirect to this gorgeous garter by Lise Charmel at Cazar (pictured above). Cazar features some of the most beautiful lingerie photography out there and some HUGE zoomed images. In some it feels almost as though one could touch the skin of the model. I've tried, though, and it doesn't work.


  1. Yay comments! :-)

    I was just thinking you'd turned them off to avoid jerks or something.

    The lace tops on those stockings are divine...

  2. Glad I can comment now!

    ...and yes that is a very very lovely garter.

  3. Oh hooray! Comments DO really work, and I'm thrilled that two of my blogging heroes were the first to comment, as well.

    I'm trying not to think too much about those stockings and how much I want them. If anyone knows where to find them, please say so.

  4. Yes, I love the beautiful styling of the corset teddy and stocking welt design, ultra sexy & feminine!

    I'm glad your comments are working.


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