My Favorite Red Mary Janes

I love two things a lot, a pretty Mary Jane shoe and a great bargain, and these red Guess Borda Mary Janes ended up being both of those things. The heel is 4.5" but, because of the 1" platform, they are surprisingly comfortable and easy to walk in. This is coming from someone who once tripped while standing completely still outside a Baskin-Robbins, so you can trust me on this. I am coordination-challenged, generally, and try to keep my that in mind when buying shoes, but these were so pretty I didn't care if I had to ride around in a mobility scooter while I wore them, especially since I had managed to find them at close to 50% off.

These shoes are a great example of comparison shopping online. At the time I bought them, they were being sold online from between $58.95 to $116, depending on the store. Today, I can find them from $75 at Amazon.com to $115 at Dillards.com. That's quite a difference in price! I wish I had actually realized what a great deal I was getting in December, because I would have bought them in black, too.

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  1. Stocking Vixen,
    Very nice choice of shoes, the strap and shiny buckle really complete the look. Yeah, I guess you should have gotten the black pair too. Try the red MJ's with a pair of white seamed nylons,
    white full coverage panties, white crinolines covered with a red skirt. You choose an appropriate tight, bosom hugging white blouse and detail your neck line with a red scarf. Should look great, good luck!


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