Tights Thief on the Loose!

Solanah writes about being the victim of tightswitchery over at Vintage Vixen.
Upon arriving home I open the package to try them on, and pull them out of the cardboard sleeve with the picture of the six foot woman with the tights on and wind blowing in her hair. I imagine that I too will be so cool that just the right amount of wind will follow me wherever I go to blow my hair back (enough so that it looks enchanting, but not so much that it messes it up). Pulling the tights out of the sleeve, a wave of disappointment pushes away the fabulous enchanting breeze, as the Wolford stockings I had already learned to love were absent, and in their place a pair of cheap black pantyhose.
I feel for her because I know I would be just as excited as her to have a package of Wolfords in my hand, especially at well under half-price. She is kind enough not to will any genuine ill will on the hosenapper, but I wish upon them a poor-fitting and itchy waistband that pinches them the whole time they are wearing their ill-gotten Wolfords.

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