Stockings of the Day

I am fascinated by the hose made by bebaroque, the cleverly-named Scottish hosiery company. The designs are focused around hand embroidery and printed stockings and tights and are incredibly distinctive and much different than anything else I've seen on the market. What they sell is young, feminine, spunky, and fun with an edge. The stockings and thigh highs I've chosen above as Stockings of the Day, are from their Spring/Summer 2009 line, which is influenced by tattoo designs, nautical themes, lace, snakes, and features hose with embellishments like fringe and ruffles. They seem to be following the overall trend towards white stockings and tights that seems to be emerging for this spring and summer, though they have other colors on offer. Their tights are 80 denier and fit most people, including plus sizes.

As of today, I will be doing Stockings of the Week rather than Stockings of the Day, so I can focus more on other parts of the blog and spend time finding stockings that are really special for this feature. Please do not let the crying be mighty. This place will still be chock-a-block with images of legs and stockings and hose. I swear it on my legs.

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