Long Socks to the Rescue

My furnace has decided to start acting up, probably the pilot light, and since it is locked down tighter than Ft. Knox and the troubleshooting tips we followed didn't get it to start heating again (the blower is working, but there is no heat) I am going to have to have our furnace guy come and look at it, which is terrifying because he thinks he is part of the family and stays for hours and says "literally," every two minutes, only he pronounces it "litch-rully". The furnace is brand-new, less than a year old, so I'm not concerned that it's anything too major causing the issue, but it's still a pain. We have space heaters from when the old furnace kicked the bucket, but it's brisk in the parts of the house without them, so I have turned to my trusty Long Cuffable Scrunchable Socks from Sock Dreams to help keep me warm. I like these socks, although they're not a front-line sock for me, mostly because there's so much bulk to them, but today they are a life-saver.

Of course, when I go to the dentist today, I am going to be all about the nude thigh high nylon stockings with some ivory swiss dot fishnets over the top and my brown patent Mary Janes. My legs would be sad if they were boring while they were on display when I was upside down in the dentist's chair.

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