Bordello Day

I guess it's officially Turn-of-the-Last-Century Bordello Day™ here at Stocking Vixen HQ, because mentioning Moulin Rouge made me think of the music video with Mya, Lil' Kim, Pink and Christian Aguilera and the sexy-hot boudoir wear they wore during it. I'm fixated on the way Mya is wearing her hose. I can't figure out if she has on thigh highs with a ribbon top layered over pantyhose, or if she is wearing garters mid-thigh over pantyhose. I think it's the former because the bottom of her legs are darker than the tops, but either way, it's very cute and something I hadn't thought of doing before.

The ladies must have enjoyed wearing the hosiery, especially, because when they showed up to collect their 2002 Grammy for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals, their outfits referenced the video. (I live in an imaginary world where stylists and studios and record labels don't all get together on things like what someone might wear to an awards show. I like pretending that the one of the four of them just picked up the phone and said, "Hey, do you guys want to dress alike at the Grammys, it won't be dorky, I swear!")
I love it that they were able to translate the whole thing into something more wearable...although I do find myself wondering if Christina is wearing panties under her "shorts," or if she just figured, "Why bother?" Again, Mya is doing some cool layering with some gray fence nets over sheer black hose and I definitely will be ripping off that look, too.

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