Off Petting My Legs

After a fun-filled weekend with my best friend, who was visiting from Los Angeles, I am a rather tired vixen. I am even too tired to write about the arrival of my package from Stocking's HQ, which contained three pairs of stockings. I'm sitting here in my favorite of the three, which are also the simplest, the Aristoc Ultra Sheer 5 denier nylon hold-ups, and I can't stop petting my legs. Look for a full report on the content of the package, with photos, tomorrow.

Until I get my second wind, I invite you to enjoy a trip through Gals, Gams and Garters, a fabulous wordless blog, filled with pre- 1960's images of women in stockings taken from a found "large scrapbook patched together by an anonymous afficinado of the ankle, thigh and leg."

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