It's the Hosiery, Stupid

Hosiery sales are up, no matter the rotten state of the economy says the Wall Street Journal Online.
Dan Sackrowitz, vice president of business development for Internet lingerie retailer says customers have been purchasing opaque tights or patterned hosiery in recent months as an inexpensive way to update existing ensembles. “You don’t have to invest in a whole new fall wardrobe,” says Mr. Sackrowitz, who says his site saw hosiery sales increase 60% in September and 70% in October, outpacing overall growth of the $48 million site.
Hosiery is definitely a great way to dramatically change the look of an outfit without a large outlay of cash. I have noticed that I am buying more classic, basic clothing in solid colors since I've gotten so into stockings, because I don't want it to "interfere" with what I'm doing on my legs. Recent additions to my wardrobe are a charcoal pencil skirt, a denim pencil skirt, an a-line mini, a black a-line dress, a red knee-length skirt and a black ruffled blouse. In that time, I have purchased polka-dotted socks, metallic striped leggings, colored fishnets, backseams, lace tights, ruffled socks, black and red stirrup socks and a variety of other outfit enhancers, all for well under $150. It's amazing how incredibly different one dress can be made to look with different leg adornment and jewelry. With so many fashionistas watching their pennies these days, hosiery is a wonderful way to splurge and freshen up one's wardrobe without breaking the bank.

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