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Pink Nylon, who writes one of my absolute favorite hosiery and lingerie blogs, The Panty Drawer, is giving away a pair of Wolford hose or a Dollhouse Bettie gift certificate to one lucky reader of his blog. What's even more interesting is that he is interested in encouraging reader participation in his blog, so to enter, he would like you to recommend a pair of tights, "sheers, opaques, fishnets, patterns, or anything else goes," post the link to buy them at his blog and he will buy them, wear them for an entire day and write a review on The Panty Drawer. One lucky reader will get the grand prize, but to be honest, Pink writes some of the best hosiery reviews I've ever read and is very knowledgeable about hose, generally. I can't think of anyone else I'd rather have road test something for me before I shelled out my own hosiery moola, so just having him write a review on request is a wonderful thing. Just last week, his review of the Levante Seamless Stay Up saved me from buying something I probably wouldn't have enjoyed.

It's nice when there's a contest that you win just by entering. If there's a pair of tights you've been wondering about, but have been reluctant to buy because of price or some other element, put Pink on the case and get an expert opinion free of charge. All he asks is that you not ask him to buy a pair of tights that costs hundreds of dollars, but other than that, anything goes.

I'm very excited to read his reviews and see what people choose for him. Happy entering!

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