Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Backstage Photos

Backstage at the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion show from 2007. These "candid" photos are of supermodel Gisele Bündchen in stockings and garter belt, as well as some very cute panties. With her is Adriana Lima and I love the pic of her rolling on her hose. VS, torques me out for a few reasons, one being that they don't carry my cup size in bras, two being that their quality is really lacking for the most part (although I've heard good things about some of the hosiery) and three being that they are the best-known lingerie brand in the United States, which only serves to rub in how great the Brits and Europeans have it. Also, skinny models.

On the plus side, they glorify women and have some gorgeous designs at times. I also can't fault any company trying to get pretty lingerie on the masses. In some cases, Victoria's Secret can be a gateway drug leading to purchasing the good stuff. I have been known to purchase a few things from VS in the past, and I'm sure I will again. Here is photographic evidence, that I have issues with their shoes, in fact.

(Click on the photos to make them gigantor and high resolution. It's worth it.)


  1. A couple of responses:
    I hate skinny models, but tolerate GB because she is now Mrs Tom Brady, and I live and die with the New England Patriots

    VS should acknowledge that they have found the perfect model for those shoes, and should reward you handsomely for documenting that fact

  2. Sucking up will get you everywhere, Mr. Danger!


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