Dahlia's Choice - Red Hair and Green Corselet

My fabulous pin-up pal, Dahlia Delis has a brilliant eye for photos and often sends me some great shots to share with you, like the one above. I am in total lust with that green corselet. I'm fairly certain it's by Rago and I must track one down! Thank you, Dahlia!


  1. yes you can get it at,i actually have the one in purple/lavender and the coral/red,but the green will look fab on you!! between 50 to 60 bucks,not bad at all,they do last forever!

  2. who is the model in this photo? she's beautiful!!

  3. I don't know her name, sadly, but I will ask Dahlia. I believe the original file was labeled, "Minnie," and I know many of the photos Dahlia sends me are of her friends. I'll come back and let you know! I agree, she's lovely.


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