Revenge: Ellen Von Unwerth

I am so in love with Ellen Von Unwerth it's insane. I want her to come over to my house with models so we can dress them up and then make them play in the garden while we take photos of them. I definitely will one day buy a copy of her limited edition book, Revenge,which is a gorgeous photodocumentation (with a little text) of three young girls' S & M-tinged adventures under the hands of "The Baroness" at a country manor. I will do it as soon as I find that spare $300 I left laying around somewhere the other day. Until then I will content myself at the library and with the photos that are online (many of which are naughty enough I can't post them here, though they make me tingly. I've posted a couple at Tumbling Vixen and there are a couple under that first link, too). She is truly a magical photographer.


  1. I'll send Ms Von Unwerth and her models over straight away, once they've finished up here at my house

  2. So, like about half past never, then? :)

  3. Here is a ton of pictures from that book:


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