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This is the post where I admit that I have never sat down to watch Secretary. Considering my interests, this is somewhat bizarre. It's not because I have to be That One Person Who Hasn't Seen That One Movie, it's because of spontaneous human combustion and my James Spader issues. I'm not certain it would actually be a medically sound decision for me to watch a scene like this spanking scene or this one  (BOTH NSFW) given that I've had James Spader "issues" since I was about 15. I actually have yet to make it through the first video and it's under six minutes long. James Spader is just that sexy, people.

A pair of comments below the first video really intrigued me:

madkor88 (4 days ago)
(Sadism has many aspects) thats true...but this is not love ...... not a true love ...... this is an erotic relationship
Dimbnd (3 days ago)
What is true love, and why can't it be erotic?

I agree. Why on earth couldn't true love be based on shared erotic interests? Wouldn't the most complete romantic/emotional connection contain a strong sexual connection as well? Not necessarily a kink or fetish, but at least an earnest desire to connect physically?


  1. Honest, it is safe to watch this film. I too think the younger James Spader was the sexiest man alive until about 2005. He still makes me quiver, but it was his gorgeous thinner self that drew me in many years ago. I have watched this film many times and can attest to the fact that the heat level remains ever so slightly under that of spontaneous human combustion. The movie is so neat that you really have to take the chance! OMG he is sexy!!!!!! Have you seen "sex, lies and videotape" or "Crash"? James Spader is one of the few actors that actually has a sexual trilogy, and isn't that great for us?

  2. I'm surprised that you have not seen this movie yet Lisa.

    It is a wonderful movie.

  3. I love that scene from SECRETARY. Despite Edward's repeated statements of "I'm not going to fuck you" as Lee pulls up her skirt and pulls down her pantyhose and panties, you can see from the look on her face that she is hoping that he will do just that. And then there is the disappointment on Lee's face when she realizes that Edward really isn't going to fuck her.

  4. Oh, you simply MUST see this movie! This is the movie that made me realize I love James Spader. And "Sex, Lies, and Videotape," while kind of an..odd movie, is good, too.


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