By Request: South Asian Women in Stockings (and I Couldn't Resist the Panties)

I've been taking requests over at Facebook and one of my FB (and Tumblr and Twitter) buddies, Tiara, who writes the burlesque/arts/performance site, The Merch Girl, asked me to post photos of South Asian women in stockings. "No prob," I thought and off I went to find some great photos. Many hours later, I learned that it was going to be a much tougher task than I'd thought to find really pretty photos that weren't pornographic. I struck out completely finding good, sexy photos of Malaysian women, Sri Lankan women or Pakistani women that weren't porn, which I found frustrating. I understand that there are cultural reasons that make it unlikely for a women in those countries to pose for sexy pics, but it still surprised me to have such a tough time, especially since my searching turned up a reasonable quantity of explicit photos by women from those countries.

However, I love celebrating the positive and I am very pleased to share the photos I did find. I think they're beautiful, but do wish so much I had found more. If anyone reading this knows of great photos or has any in his/her personal stash, please do let me know, because I'd like to share more.

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  1. Interesting article Lisa, it is certainly a touchy subject for the women of those regions due to religion and public perception.

    I was reading a article a year ago about the habits of women buying high end quality lingerie in Iraq.
    While in public they have to be very discrete, in the home they do make a great effort to be attractive for their husbands.

    Certainly women from those areas (Persian) are extremely attractive.


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