There He Is...

Those of you who miss the postings of the illustrious Nick Danger from Fool for Your Stockings may keep up with his doings at his photoblog, entitled appropriately enough, Fool for Your Stockings. Be forewarned that Mr. Danger is enjoying being off his leash, as the photos above probably hint, and it's not quite as SFW as the original Fool.


  1. SV, I have it on GOOD authority that Nick is spending part-time in the service of Katy Perry. See my blog post with pictorial evidence!!!

  2. Love that first photo on the bike wow!

    The 2nd photo is rather trilling, he is in for a lucky treat ;)

  3. We don't need no stinkin' leashes!

  4. Hey S.V.,

    Just wanted to let you know I've started a stockings giveaway on the blog. Don't forget to enter! :-)

  5. Wow. You have got an incredible blog. This is my first time here. Such hot photos. I really love that first one.

  6. Hey Lisa, very little activity on here recently, hope that all is good...

  7. I liked the second picture a lot.


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