French Maid TV

French Maids make everything, even housework more fun. Knowing this DimDim is working with the women of French Maid TV to promote its product that makes holding online seminars, or "webinars" easy. Not only have they made the very cute, sexy video above, but they will be hosting a webinar through Dimdim themselves on how to buy lingerie for yourself or someone special. They will also model sexy Halloween costumes.
The hot, funny, sexy girls of French Maid TV will be giving an online webinar via Dimdim. Join these tantalizing French Maids as they demonstrate the different types of lingerie and how you should go about purchasing bras, panties, corsets and other unmentionables for yourself or that special someone. The French Maids will also be previewing Sexy Halloween Costumes. This Webinar is for ages 13 & up and may contain content inappropriate for some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.
If the $25 price tag for the lingerie webinar feels too steep and you like what you see in this video (and really, they do an awful lot of bouncing around in this video, what's not to like?), you can subscribe to free podcasts from the French Maids, or view instructionals like How to Give CPR directly on their site.

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