Ellen Von Unwerth Corset and Panties

This seems like a great time to remind everyone that my friend Treacle over at Stockings Addict is kicking off Corset Week 2009 on Friday and her site will be dripping with a corsetload of fantastic information, and she has been known to select her share of fabulous photography to illustrate her knowledgeable and informative articles. If you're in the market for a corset, or just curious about them, don't miss her posts this week. I can't recommend her site enough.

She'll also be at Dragon*Con in Atlanta all weekend and is holding a giveaway. If you're there and the tenth person to come up to her and ask, "Are you Stockings Addict?" you'll win a $10 gift certificate to buy hosiery or lingerie. Here's a photo to help you know what she looks like so you can get into the game. A few more details about the giveaway are there, too.

Happy Corset Week!


  1. Thanks! Ellen's one of my favorite photographers, actually she probably is my favorite. She has the unique ability to bring fun sensuality into the shot! I bet she'd be fun to work with

  2. Thanks so much for the mention, Lisa! :-)

  3. I agree Dante; she is pretty much my favorite now, too. Her photos are so gorgeous as well as sensuous, and totally fun, as you said! I'd love to see her shoot you!

    You're welcome for the mention, Ms. Treacle. If people are smart they'll head on over!


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