Where to Buy a Garter Belt

One of my lovely readers asked on my last post if I knew where to buy the garter belt /waspie that Fernanda Tavares is wearing in the photo. I know that it's made by the French company Lejaby and that it's from their Elixir line, but unfortunately, it comes from the Fall/Winter 2007 line. Here's a photo of it in red and black (and it did also come in white). I'm coming up short in my efforts to find anyone still selling it online, but know I have some super-sleuths who read this blog who may be able to out-Sherlock me. If any of you know of somewhere where this belt can still be purchased, I'd be grateful to hear about it in the comments so we can pass the information along.

In the meantime, Faire Frou Frou has some beautiful out-of-the-ordinary garter belts, including the two above that are particularly beautiful. The Elle MacPherson one with polka dots on the right is similar to the Lejaby and is incredibly affordable at $55.

Another great place for you to buy beautiful garter belts or waspies (or any lingerie, actually) is Cazar, who carry many, many luxury lingerie brands and ship across Europe and the U.S. It's worth perusing the Cazar website just to see the high-resolution photos of hot chicks in their undies. Of course, there are many other retailers who carry gorgeous stuff, but those are two particular favorites of mine for super-special items.

Edited to Add: I really was remiss in not mentioning the fabulous Joanna's Wardrobe earlier as a place to get unique ways to hold up your stockings, especially is she is one of the exclusive retailers where you can buy Stockings and Romance lingerie, which I think is very cool stuff. I believe a lot of it is still sewn by hand.

Now that I'm mentioning things I should have earlier, in latex, no one makes more beautiful lingerie than Atsuko Kudo Couture and latex stockings look most awesome with a latex belt or underthingy attached.

Sigh, now I have a terrible urge to go shopping. How about you? Where do you like to shop for your really special lingerie, the things you keep wrapped in tissue until it's time to wear them? I look forward to hearing because I always learn new things from all of you.

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  1. Oooh...high waisted garter belts! What do you think of this one by Millesia ( I've been thinking about taking a field trip to Lille Boutique anyway. :-)


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