Camera Club Girls

Oh I am so jealous of my friend Jim Linderman who runs the wonderful blog, Gals, Gams and Garters and who has happened into a stash of hand-painted photos by Rudolph Rossi, a member of the NYC Concorde Camera Club. In the 50's, those interested in shooting erotic photos of women (including Bettie Page, pictured above) could become members, pay $10 and gain access to models who would pose nude or bestockinged for them and were more daring because the photos were not for publication.

Mr. Rossi took his photos and then hand-tinted them to make them appear as though they were color shots. They are pretty damn cool looking if you ask me.

Jim has 100 or so of these photos and will be releasing them at his new blog, Camera Club Girls, over the ensuing months. I will be paying rapt attention. Please be advised the blog is NSFW in a 50's kind of way.

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