Tell Me a Story

My friend Kevin sent me this photo and he and I both agree that it could illustrate lots of different stories. What do you think is going on in this picture? Tell me a story in the comments section below.


  1. She is considering whether to get the chocolate or the strawberry ice cream.

    She is also pondering why men are shallow.



  2. Karen watched as Ron made an ass of himself. She had dressed up for the party, wearing an eye catching color and stockings like her roommate Dorothy suggested.
    "Men love stockings," she said as she sifted through her ample stocking drawer, "They make them think that you dressed up extra sexy just for them,"
    "But these are pantyhose," Karen asked, perplexed.
    "But they're white. Makes you look innocent," Dorothy replied with a grin, "Plus, you get to exercise your inner slut by not having to wear panties,"
    Now she was sitting on cold, wet sand while her date did keg stands.

  3. We were at the beach last weekend on Cape Cod, and some people there were clam digging. I'm afraid that's all I've got.

  4. You guys are wonderful! I wonder if she did get the strawberry or the ice cream.

    @One Degree Away, I love the thought of Dorothy having an "ample stocking drawer" and poor Karen watching her date do keg stands. I get the feeling perhaps you think that may not have happened if she'd worn stockings... ;-)

    Nick, you cannot possibly go out with all the women.

  5. Actually no, she made a poor choice in a date. I, on the other hand, would have paid her the attention she so justly deserved because she took the time to select nylons that made her legs look sexy. If you like the writing, follow my profile to my LJ.

    I am, after all, a leg man and a fool for your stockings.


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