Shorts with Tights: Fall Trend

Hooray! I just picked up the October issue of Vogue and found them touting shorts with tights as a great look for Fall. They touched on something I mentioned last spring when I was all hopped up on the idea, saying that for many women shorts just feel more discreet than a miniskirt (they managed to say it without using the phrase, "lady parts," though).

Vogue recommends wearing lots of layers like thick sweaters and plaid flannel (which I swear I thought would never come back in style) and choosing wool shorts, like some of those above from Nanette Lepore. I have to say that anything that keeps the hosiery on view for the entire year is good with me.


  1. I'm for anything that produces more women wearing hosiery in public.

    Based on my own unscientific research last Friday, "Wear Stockings At Work Week" is already underway in downtown Boston.

  2. I have to agree with what Nick said. And I find the look more than a little reminiscent of the hot pants of the early 1970s.

  3. Yep indeed, any fashion trend with more hosiery involved is a very good thing. Thankfully we are now heading into Fall which is my fav time of the year, temps cool down and people can now dress up as they like...

    Knee high boots, Oxfords are especially hot this year, as is funky opaque tights...

  4. Saw this on a woman today at the store I work at. Awesome trend!


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