Thank You Dahlia, May We Have Another?


Wow, where to start with this photo of Dahlia in her Rago Lacette Girdle? Perhaps with the pile of bodies accumulating over there as people pass out in sheer astonishment at her sexiness? Perhaps with the mystery of what may or may not cover her lady parts under her girdle? I love the nod to Bettie Page, but Dahlia keeps the energy her own and her thighs are a lethal weapon.

Today is my dear friend stockingmonster's birthday and I doubt there's anyone on earth who would appreciate this photo more than him, so I dedicate this post to you, SM and wish you the happiest of happy days. If you're on Twitter, please send him birthday greetings @stockingmonster and help me make his day.


  1. Magic , magic , she is not one of the 'What Katie Did' models is she ?
    great images keep them coming

  2. very very nice. keep em coming!

  3. This is a great image...Her outfit and pose are outstanding...

    Maybe it is just me but from this photo her face looks very similar to Anne Hathaway...

  4. To the best of my knowledge, she doesn't model for What Katie Did, but she certainly could, and I agree with you chillinfoxie that she reminds me a bit of Anne Hathaway (and a smidge of Tina Fey) though I find her MUCH sexier than either of those two women.

    Pink, lots more shots to come. So happy you're enjoying Dahlia. She's a sweetheart as well as being gorgeous.

  5. thank you dear ones ! you guys are so sweet to me.
    i never worked for that site no,i will check it out,and Anne oh my God thanks i think she has fuller lips and is way more pale than me but we do share the big brown eyes an the black hair,i got Gina Gershon before and when i was a teenager i looked just like Meadow from The Sopranos.
    and Tina Fey is my biggest girl crush right now!



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