Black Latex Stockings Make You Feel Like a Superhero

Black latex stockings, black high heels, black latex gloves, black latex dress, the beautiful Dante Posh wearing them all... I love the way she makes the latex look so completely sexy, while at the same time like normal, everyday clothing. Whether it's because she's so comfortable in her own beauty, or because I've grown so used to looking at these images, I don't know, but I do know my lust for latex is growing.


  1. Do you have any other photos of the model in this outfit?

  2. Not in this outfit, but there are lot of latex shots of Dante here and she has her own YouTube channel here:

  3. A friend of mine with a latex fetish cautions that latex stockings seriously compress the feet on wearing and so she has cut holes in the sole so her feet can breathe and have a little room for expansion.

  4. Latex looks incredible, and it certainly has it's moments. I'll also admit to being very attracted to latex outfits.

    But it can only be wore for shorter periods of time...


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