Britney Spears Circus Pictures: Pantyhose, Latex & Tattoos

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The Britney Spears Circus Tour pictures from her concert in Dallas on the 31st of March are finally posted here at Stocking Vixen. Hooray! Maybe it took me so long because I was dazzled by the sheer number of costume changes Britney made during her concert (and yes, she even changed up her hosiery) or by the beautiful, high-quality photographs taken by the very generous Stocking Vixen reader in Texas who attended the Circus show and took pics of Ms. Britney in fishnets, latex pantyhose and even a tattoo bodysuit for all of us to enjoy.

All of the photos in this post from the concert are preview images and I can't urge you enough to click through on your favorites to see the larger, high-quality pictures, because they are excellent and show a lot of detail. There's a blond woman on the right side of the frame in the photo of Britney and her dancers in matching pink satin panties and bras, fishnets and waspies who looks as though she can't believe what she's seeing. Lady, neither can I!

We've got:
  • Britney in black fishnet pantyhose: This is the foundation for all of her hosiery looks and my bet is that she never took them off during the whole Circus concert. They look most fabulous, in my opinion, with her police officer's uniform. I'm sure many people reading this would confess to crimes they hadn't committed were Officer Britney the arresting officer.
  • Britney in black latex pantyhose over fishnets: I am not completely convinced she's not wearing latex stockings that come to the very top of her legs, because I think I can see a faint welt when I scrutinize the photo, but I'll call it pantyhose because I can't prove otherwise. Oh, and look! Black panties.
  • Britney in a tattoo bodysuit and a blindfold: This bodysuit fascinates me. Tattoo-printed tights are a trend right now and this tattoo bodysuit Britney's wearing is extremely similar to some in the spring/summer Bebaroque line. I think the circles up top are designed to mesmerize us, as though the breasts of Britney aren't enough.
Of course, she doesn't disappoint in the shoe department, busting out all sorts of gorgeous black knee and ankle boots and strappy high heels and even a pair of gold pumps for her mermaid costume.

If you enjoy the photos, please don't be shy about letting the photographer know what you thought in the comments section of this post, as well as weighing in on your favorite looks.

All in all, I was very impressed and actually a little giddy over these costumes. I'm so pleased and grateful to be allowed to share these photos with all of you and hope you enjoy these pictures from the Dallas stop of the Circus Tour.

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  1. Thanks for the photos and the commentary -- it was like being in the front row!

    Is there a roadie whose assignment is making the hosiery all shiny and new for the next night's performance? If so, how do I apply for that job?

    And to Officer Spears: I have assumed the position, and await being taken into custody.


  2. Thanks, Nick for leaving a comment. I think there has to be someone in wardrobe specifically assigned to hosiery and I say we both tie that person up in stockings and take his or her place on the road. I'll keep you company and chat with you while you dress up Officer Spears.

  3. Really great photos. That must have been some concert. Like your commentary too.

  4. @Ty's Dad, from what I heard it was a pretty amazing concert. I think the photos tell the story very well and I truly feel almost as though I were there with the photographer. I really couldn't love the photos more. If only he'd bootlegged the concert too, I'd be in business. ;)

  5. One has to admire the amazing outfits, I have never seen a bodystocking like that before - it's rather fun actually...

    In a different direction, I hope that Britney can hold it together and lead a successful life, not just for her but also for her kids...

  6. I agree, Colin. She looks like she's in great shape from these shots, and the costumes are fab!


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